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RayLopez99 wrote:
> On May 31, 7:02 pm, James Westwood
> <westwood.spamoja...(a)> wrote:
>> I'm sorry but I don't have any experience with Linpus
>> other than reading about it. It's a ridiculous name but
>> Vista is no winner either. Vista reminds me of some kind
>> of bicycle I think I might have rode as a kid.
> DO you realize what you are saying? Do you?
> You are saying that each and every LInux distro is unique. So there's
> a chance that out of the box Linpus will not have KDE or some other
> GUI to allow me to click and set up internet access? Since the
> hardware does not have a CD/DVD (to keep the price down), I'm left
> with a $300 paperweight.
> That's what you're saying.
> Oh, I code and am a power user in Windows and have built dozens of
> systems from scratch.

No, you are just a rather sick liar.

> Then you wonder about Linux's lack of acceptance.
> RL
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James Westwood wrote:
> On Mon, 31 May 2010 01:15:31 -0500, felmon wrote:
>> On Mon, 31 May 2010 01:02:14 -0400, James Westwood wrote:
>>> Openoffice makes claims of x number of downloads yet how many people
>>> have actually seen Openoffice in the wild? I have not.
>> I agree with your other points. Linux is not catching on in the US. (I am
>> not so sure about other places in the world though.)
>> anyway, I do see sightings of OO. I now see some (handful) students using
>> OpenOffice. I assume they are using it via Windows but I haven't asked.

I have a friend that uses OpenOffice, I believe on a MAC.

I have been running it ever since Applixware disappeared, at least 6
years ago. I run it on Linux.
>> Felmon
> That's good news then because it's a very good program
> and certainly good enough for most users needs.

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On Monday 31 May 2010 23:17 in comp.os.linux.setup, somebody identifying
as RayLopez99 wrote...

> Oh, I code and am a power user in Windows and have built dozens of
> systems from scratch.

Your conspicuous lack of understanding of the basics of an operating
system and of basic 21st century network technology contradicts that

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in 48070 20100531 151554 RayLopez99 <raylopez88(a)> wrote:
>On May 31, 3:46=A0pm, Norman Peelman <npeel...(a)> wrote:
>> =A0 =A0If you had installed VirtualBox or VMWare as per a previous thread=
>> you'd have these answers already. So far, you are the only person I know
>> of that distro-hops without ever installing anything.
>I'm posting from another machine now, one that does not support
>Virtualization (it's only got a Pentium IV).

Nobody who matters uses Linux:
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Matt Giwer wrote:

>On 05/30/2010 06:25 PM, RayLopez99 wrote:
>> On May 30, 10:56 pm, The Natural Philosopher<t...(a)invalid.invalid>
>> wrote:
>>>> Seriously, Linpus Linux--is it any good? Serious replies only, though
>>>> I am copying COLA.
>>> More fool you, unless this is a deliberate troll.
>> Unless. Why don't you give an opinion on the Linpus, pus?
>> This is the fabled "Linux community"?
> Legendary perhaps but not fabled.

Why are you people feeding the RayDopez troll?