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link problem on AIX
while compiling the program against my library on AIX 5.3, i got this, not able to understand what it means ? and what i am trying to do wrong. how to cope up with this (and why it is giving the error ?) gcc -Wall main.c -o bin_name -L/libpath/ -lMy_static_lib ld: 0711-203 SEVERE ERROR: Archive file PATH/l... 17 Apr 2007 22:30
Onyx/IRIX device driver development
I have been asked to write a device driver for PCI mezzanine card for a SGI Onyx350 running Irix 6.5. I've never written a device driver before. I've looked at the IRIX Device Driver Programmer's Guide and read the vendor's documentation for the PCI card. Does anyone have a recommendation of a good place to get... 21 Mar 2007 15:13
Posix Shared memory with linked list
Hi people, as the subject title already says I've got trouble with how to use a linked list in a shared memory between processes. More specific, initially my linked list would be NULL and it is a doubly circular linked list. Here is the structure of any element in the linked list: typedef struct my_ringnode_st m... 27 Feb 2007 07:55
gethostbyname + timeout
Hello, I need to add timeout to gethostbyname function in my program. I googled and searched archives, found some examples with alert(), but can't make it work :/ I would be grateful of someone could tell me how to do it. ... 2 Mar 2007 15:02
System resource information on HP-UX
Hi, i'm new to HP-UX, but i have to write a library, from which i will get info such as: cpu kernel time cpu user time cpu idle time (average to all processors) free ram used ram total ram to pass it to java application trough JNI. I already wrote such library for windows, but now i need one for HP-UX (... 17 Nov 2006 08:29
I m unable to run the traceroute Program by Van Jacobson
When I tried to Compile the traceroute.c program by Van Jacobson, I got an error that <netinet/ip_var.h> could not be found. reference: I m running on a Linux kernel 2.4.20 box. Can anyone suggest how can this be avoided. regards, tiken ... 5 Oct 2006 01:45
Hello, I am writing a shell script, (kshell), and I am using sed. sed '_<head></head>_<head>Something</head>_' > $file This works fine, and it replaces the text. The problem is that I want to insert a java script , but its a big chunk, and the method above doesnt work when it exceeds one line. It gives me "u... 24 Aug 2006 21:10
icmp socket
Having some problem with a socket, for icmp. here is the code: <CODE> struct protoent *proto; struct sockaddr_in from; struct sockaddr_in whereto; hostent * he = gethostbyname(host); if ( !he ) { std::cout << "Failed to resolve host " << host << std::endl; } memc... 14 Aug 2006 13:44
Unix scripting
Hey I am new to the group..and to korn scripting....I have a script that starts a process....i want to periodically check the status of my process and output to the screen ' I am running' How would i do that... Tejal ... 31 Jan 2006 11:20
Killing a process spawn off by ssh
I have a perl script that folked and do a ssh connection to another machine and run off some processes. I expect that when I kill the ssh connection, by kill -2 (SIGINT), I will kill both the ssh connection and the children processes spawned in the ssh. But this is not the case, ssh got killed but the children... 23 Jun 2005 15:49
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