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Vulcan .Net and VO 2.8
Hi all, Do you know, when will be Vulcan and new version of VO released? Regards Jacek ... 28 Sep 2006 14:33
Clipper Migration ToolKit Business Opportunity
Clipper - the first and most successful compiler for dBase - was a great product in its day. It was "the COBOL of the DOS world". Applications written in Clipper ran trouble free - in some cases for decades. Its clean, easy to use "pointerless" language and runtime, along with built in DBF access, gave it a disti... 8 Sep 2006 07:48
[ANN] Visual dBsee 1.5.1 released!
Albalog s.r.l. is very happy to announce the release of Visual dBsee 1.5.1, the best tool to quickly create business-oriented applications based on the Xbase++ compiler. The most important improvements are - Xbase++ 1.90 support - new documentation of the Visual dBsee library - new application link mode - new... 25 Jul 2006 04:22
Im getting Could not execute RC.exe No other information any ideas Thanks Dave ... 4 Jul 2006 07:04
MySQL 5.0
Hi all ! Probablly I spent some wasted hours exploring MySQL 5.0 using VO2ADo . I succeed with connection, I can see also all tables using oRs := oConn:OpenSchema(adSchemaTables,NIL,NIL), but when I want to open a table, I get an error. oSqlSrv := AdoServer{"Mytable", oConn} ---> error I use MySQL OD... 6 Apr 2006 11:45
MD5 encryption of a String
Hi all, I have seen lots of freeware utilities for creating a "Hash" value for files using the MD5 standard. But I only want to do this for a (shortish) string. This is for use in a CGI app, so no GUI allowed. Any ideas? Alwyn ... 8 Feb 2006 03:06
After reading all the statements - here are mine -hope easier to read than others -hope easier to understand than others -hope more helpful than others :-) and first - for some persons here... -I'm not in love with Brian or any other member of the DevTeam -I'm not getting money from GrafX -I'm not known as a per... 23 Nov 2005 00:25
Help ! Valkyrie 5 - Vpll.exe
Dear sir, Does any one friend here know where I can download the Valkyrie 5 ( clipper decompiler ) which contain the Vpll.exe ? Thanks Chong ... 12 Nov 2005 03:01
Belgium Eid
Hi All Im trying to read the belgium pasport. Using the oleautoobjects gererated by VO. LOCAL lHandle AS LONGINT LOCAL oEid AS RH_IEIDlib //ObjId := "EIDLibCtrl.EIDlib.1" LOCAL oRet AS RH_IRetStatus //ObjId := "EIDLibCtrl.RetStatus.1" LOCAL oMapColID AS RH... 9 Nov 2005 21:44
bSample - DataBrowser
Hi all ! Has anybody tried work with this example, totally to replace VO DataBrowser (conception View as Table/Form) with bBrowser ? When yes, I would to change experience. Jozo ... 4 Oct 2005 05:46
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