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Google Map
Hello I Need to show a location in a google map Providing direction town and country some user should see it How can I do with vo ? No Idea Any help, sample would be appreciated TIA Jorge Accinelli ... 13 Aug 2010 13:34
SP3 and bBrower Question
I am testing my upgrade from SP1 to SP3 and from bBrowser 2 to bBrowser 3. I have some windows where the user can edit on the bBrowser and I am having what I consider a weird situation. If the column is a checkbox and I edit in debug mode or while running from the IDE I can check or uncheck the checkbox. How... 12 Aug 2010 18:04
Filter now failing under 2.8
I have a DBFServer filter that has worked fine under VO2.5, but now isn't working under VO2.8 I have searched all the WhatsNew28...rtf and this forum, without success. The filter is set this way: self:oView:oSFViewAllSDW:server:setFilter( { || ogHold:seek( _FIELD->EntryNum, true ) } ) but is shown as UNKN... 13 Aug 2010 17:56
ANN: Facelift Professional for VO - v1.04
Facelift Professional for Visual Objects is a tool that reduces the amount of work involved in converting a VO application to use the .NET Framework. It reads VO window binary entities and reconstructs them as .NET versions, targeting either Windows Forms or Windows Presentation Foundation. The windows that are out... 13 Aug 2010 13:34
CAVORT20.DLL in VO2.8!!
Hello again. I am converting a VO2.5 program to VO2.8 and have recompiled OK. But when I try to execute the program I get the message that "CAVORT20.DLL is missing....". If I copy CAVORT20.DLL into the run directory then the error says this is an old run time DLL! I haven't had this since my first conversions t... 9 Aug 2010 05:44
bBrowser3 and Scope
I have found the problem that I posted about previously 'Lost Server in bBrowser3' -July 8. It seems to be related to setting a scope. I am reposting because my question is a little different from the first one and I didn't want to clutter up this post. When I set a scope in the postinit of the bBrowser window an... 12 Aug 2010 07:05
SP3 and File() Function
I am (finally) implementing VO 2.8 SP3 and I am having a problem with the File() function. In our app we would check for the existance of (any) files in a directory using something like the following: cPath := "C:\MYDIRECTORY\*.*" If File( cPath ) // do something Else // do something else Endif... 10 Aug 2010 03:40
How set multilineedit readonly at runtime
setstyle( ES_READONLY , true ) doesn´t work, it is still posible to edit the mle ... 6 Aug 2010 09:20
again no exportert variable datawindow...
hi, sometimes i recive following error : Error description : Severity FEHLER GenCode 16 -> No exported variable SubSystem -> BASE FuncSym -> IVARGET FuncPtr 0x00000000 FError 0 = Successful completion Arg -> DATAWINDOW CanSubstitute -> NIL Calling Stack : 00: ... 6 Aug 2010 22:34
Memory increasing
Dear fellow VO'ers! In my application I have a timer function doing some import work; every time the timer is fired (~ 10 seconds) I can see that the application's used memory increases in the task manager whereas the VO functions Memory(MEMORY_REGISTERAXIT) DynInfoUsed() show constant values. What can I ... 6 Aug 2010 09:20
Webservice Server
Hi All, Is there anyone who has created a webservice server in VO ? Can he/she tell me how to start with this ? I will appreciate your time. Dirk (Belgium) -- ... 9 Aug 2010 04:40
questions ole Excel
VO 2.8 SP3 B 2836 / Excel 2003 SP3 i am running a VO 2.8 App, in this app i open a exceltable and fill it with data. Opening an other table during this the table, i use with VO OLE will getting visible, how can i prevent this ?? another problem is, that after oExcel:quit() the excelprocess will running on, s... 3 Aug 2010 11:25
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