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SQLMaster conversion is slow
Hello, I have DBF with more than 2 million rows in it, it seems SQLMaster took ages to convert to SQL Server 2008. Anyone, have faster idea? Actually, we are planning to write our own conversion, but I want to see how fast would SQLMaster. Maybe my PC is slow enough: Win7, 8GB, Quad core, seems fast to me. ... 6 Aug 2010 03:53
Repository, AEF or MEF Explorer
Hi erverybody, Does anyone have a small example for me to read quickly and easily any repository or an exported AEF? All previous tools including Colombo do not work the way I want it. So I want build my own tool. Reading an AEF or MEF would be enough. Thanks Ruediger ... 3 Aug 2010 02:44
Progressbar colour
Hi, I'm trying to change colour on a progressbas in a window but no sucess. METHOD Init(oParent,uExtra) CLASS MFR ..... oDCProgressBar1 := ProgressBar{SELF,ResourceID{MFR_PROGRESSBAR1,_GetInst()}} oDCProgressBar1:HyperLabel := HyperLabel{#ProgressBar1,NULL_STRING,NULL_STRING,NULL_STRING} .... METHOD PostI... 1 Aug 2010 11:34
Problem with Word 2010
Hi, Till Version 2007 I use OLE Automation to use MS-Word with my App. Since 2010 it is not possible any more, because Office 2010 ist working different. Has anybody an workaround to use Office 2010 (Word and Excel) with VO (I use 2.7a) Thanks Ruediger ... 31 Jul 2010 11:47
Button click fails - 2.8
I have just discovered when running a program generated from VO2.8, that a button click is not activated unless the button is fully showing in the window. The same (well, the original from which the new program evolved) program generated by 2.5 behaves differently. If the button is only partially visible then th... 6 Aug 2010 03:53
Nasty bug in 2.8 screen editor
New screen a DataDialog Change inherit from Class from Auto to V4_MyDataDialog Resize the new window, changes back to Auto This has caught me out a few times ... 30 Jul 2010 04:15
Errors with dbFileSpec Create
Last night we were running an update on a customers system. Win 7 32bit Newish windows server ADS 9.1 VO2.7 fTmpFile := dbFileSpec{cPath+cName} lCreated := fTmpFile:Create(fTmpFile:FullPath,aStruct,cRdd) lCreated is returning FALSE, but the DBF is created Every other system is returning TRUE. Any ide... 30 Jul 2010 20:44
Win7 and my app does not work...
Hi all, i have a big App with Cavo 2.6.. Since WindowsNT,Win2000, WinXP the app works stable exept 1 or 2 5333er per quarter.. On Win7 i cannot work with my app longer than 4 minutes without an 5333er or another error like "no exportet method" or i recive a window from win7 "xxxx does not work anymore and s... 3 Aug 2010 19:08
ptr belongs to dynamic memory ???
hi, i recive such this error : GenCode 1 -> Argument error SubSystem -> BASE FuncSym -> REGISTERKID FuncPtr 0x00000000 VO-Description -> PTR belongs to Dynamic Memory FError 0 = Successful completion Arg -> 0x04E2C384 -> 0x00000000Calling Stack : 00: 18 - McpErrorH... 28 Jul 2010 07:25
Mouse Events on a SubDataWindow in BrowseView
Hi, System: VO 2.8 sp3 build 2837 I've got a DataWindow (in FormView-Modus) with a SubDataWindow in BrowseView-Modus. If my DataWindow (in FormView-Modus) I can handle the MouseButtonUp Events with the MouseButtonUp method. But in the SubDataWindow (BrowseView-Modus), nothing happend on a MouseButtonUp E... 28 Jul 2010 06:21
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