From: kurt wismer on
Dustin Cook wrote:
> It's about time someone took you to task in a public forum, I thank
> you for the opportunity to do so. :)

you are being trolled...

don't bother trying to save face... don't bother trying to defend
yourself... you cannot take a troll to task, all that does is feed
him/her/it... he is using human nature against you so take a lesson from
the AI in the movie wargames - the only way to win is not to play...

the thing about a troll is this, if you ignore him he'll either go away
or he won't... if he goes away then you don't have to defend yourself
against him anymore... if he doesn't go away then he will more than
likely prove himself a troll time and time again with other people so
you still don't have to defend yourself against him because his own
actions show the true lack of quality in his words...

"it's not the right time to be sober
now the idiots have taken over
spreading like a social cancer,
is there an answer?"
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