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>>> <edited for brevity>

>> Why do you only do that to mine ?

> No, please don't take it personally.

I do.

> I don't discriminate against anybody

A likely story...

> and often delete extraneous text, simply in order
> to confine my responses to relevant comments.

My comment are always relevant.

>>>>> while Win95 OSR2 and Win98SE were solid enough to use if you were reasonably careful.

>>>> They were solid enough to use even if you werent.

>>>> So was ME if you had even half a clue too.

>>> Albeit, I must admit that Windows Millennium did cause a few
>>> minor headaches, in my roughly 33 months of using it (before
>>> I replaced it with XP, in February of 2007).

>>> One such annoyance (which is well documented, on both Usenet
>>> and the WWW) was its refusal to shut down, gracefully...often,
>>> it would just "hang" there, thus forcing me to employ my
>>> computer's power or reset buttons.

>> You sure that wasnt SE ?

> I'm certain. Well, I had used 98SE, before "upgrading" to ME;
> in my estimation, ME proved to be somewhat of a downgrade.

On that shutdown question ? Thats the opposite of what everyone else found.