From: Whiskers on
On 2008-11-25, Ian Rawlings <news06(a)> wrote:
> On 2008-11-25, chris <ithinkiam(a)> wrote:
>> There always has to be one awkward so-and-so! ;)
> I find it to be the most flexible but it is a PITA at times.
>> Of course you can make Linux as complicated and long-winded to install
>> as you like, but for many of the 'friendlier' distros I still find it
>> impressive that in about 30mins you can get a fully working system up
>> and running, including all the apps.

I was pretty impressed when Mandriva 2007 installed on a Toshiba Libretto
with only a minor intervention to configure the graphics - and only needed
the router WPA password to get on-line :))

I can still see the face of the salesman in the pawnbroker's shop when I
shoved a 'Live' distro into the CD drive of a laptop and had a working
Linux system, in less time than it took to boot the pre-installed WinXP.

> I do tend to recommend ubuntu to people, even Windows users are
> impressed at how easy it is to get it going.

I'm a fan of Mandriva, ever since Mandrake 9 was the first distro I
managed to install, get running, and make sense of.

But I am in the process of getting an Arch Linux system built to my liking
on the Libretto. That's one of the distros that would have put me right
off Linux back when I was a Windows refugee - but now has a considerable

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From: Nix on
On 25 Nov 2008, Ian Rawlings said:
> Still by far the only distro I'd touch with a bargepole though.

You use distros? ;)

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From: Ian Rawlings on
On 2008-11-25, Nix <nix-razor-pit(a)> wrote:

> You use distros? ;)

Yes since I got tired of pulling in all the dependencies that modern
packages have, it used to be the case that installing a new package
meant I could create a directory in /usr/local, download the source to
it and compile the package in there, but the library count started to
skyrocket so I ran out of bother.

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From: William Poaster on
On Mon, 24 Nov 2008 19:58:46 +0000, Whiskers wrote:

> On 2008-11-24, Susan Harris <susanbharris1972(a)> wrote:
>> Was thinking of buying a eePC 901 from PC World, but noticed that the
>> Linux one is 40 quid more expensive than the XP one! Sure, you get a
>> bigger "disk", but that still seems a little weird.
>> Think the Linux one's will come down in price to match the XP ones soon?
> Going straight to the horse's mouth, Asus seem to think that the Linux and
> WinXP versions of the EeePC901 should both cost the same on the high
> street - �254 +VAT, or �299 inclusive (but wait till next week and the
> VAT should go down from 17.5% to 15%, if the Chancellor gets his way).
> <> -
> the price list is a Excell spreadsheet!
> But retailers are free to set their own prices. So shop around, or haggle
> with PC World.
> Amazon seem to think the Linux version should be slightly cheaper than the
> WinXP version
> <
> e=UTF8&search-alias=aps&field-keywords=eee%20pc%20901> or
> <>
> The PC World web site suggests that they are trying to get rid of the
> WinXP version, as it shows the price having been cut by �50 while the
> (once �10 cheaper) Linux version has not had its price cut.

One of the *main* reasons why computers with M$ windows installed are
cheaper than Linux ones, is because they have "demo" versions of
applications (like M$ Office) installed & the vendors *pay* to have them
put on the system. However when the demo version's period is up, the
person will then have to either buy the application, or do without. I
assume the bigger disk is to accommodate these demos, & the M$ bloatware.
So in the long term, the Windoze version is not cheaper.

Most people are sheep. �
Microsoft is very effective
at fleecing the flockers.

From: Daniel James on
In article news:<slrngio9jb.jhj.news06(a)>, Ian
Rawlings wrote:
> ... it takes all bleedin' day to install a gentoo setup.

It took half a week on my mini-ITX box.

Updates seldom take more than a day, with a decent PC running distccd
to help.

> Still by far the only distro I'd touch with a bargepole though.

Oh, debian's OK ... and I haven't actually bothered to remove Xandros
from my EEE (though I have run some updates from debian repos).


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