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VS2005 and NT4
Hi, I'm really annoyed about what MS did with VS2005 regarding NT4: this infamous GetLongPathNameW-import symbol is something absolutely useless. We have to support all platforms (including NT4). We also (of course) want to shift to VS2005 but we don't feel like having to maintain our EXEs with two diffe... 25 Aug 2006 19:49
eject cd?
Can anybody tell me how to eject a CD programmatically? I found EjectDiskFromSADrive but it appears to be only for Windows Sever 2003. Thanks Allan ... 4 Aug 2006 18:29
DIB to HBITMAP - goes black
This is my code for making a dummy 24 bit DIB and trying to convert to a HBITMAP. The image shows up black, the size is OK. # # # int w,h,w2; w=320; h=140; w2=320/*4 byte align*/; char* pImageBits = new char[w2*h*3]; // dummy colors for(int i=0; i<w*h; ++i){*pImageBits = RGB(rand(), rand(), rand()... 1 Aug 2006 03:55
mystery thread
I'm trying to build a control panel DLL. Everything goes swimmingly until it's time to close. It seems some part of the close cannot complete even after my panel receives the appropriate messages (CPL_EXIT and DLL_PROCESS_DETACH among others). "rundll32.exe" just hangs around, presumably waiting for something else ... 20 Jul 2006 16:38
FindFirstUrlCacheEntry (WinInet)
Hi, When I iterate through the IE7 browser cache on Windows Vista, some cache entries are found, but not all of them. The same code works fine on XP SP2 also with IE7. Has anything changed in Windows Vista to break the FindFirstUrlCacheEntry / FindNextUrlCacheEntry method of iterating through the IE cache? ... 12 Jul 2006 19:37
FileName from HWND
There is an API called GetModuleFileNameEx which can retrieve a filename from a process ID which can in turn be retrieved from a HWND. GetModuleFileNameEx is for NT based machines, so for Windows 95/98/Me, I need to use GetModuleFileName. But this version requires a module handle , and it seems to get a module ... 19 May 2006 17:34
Get Firefox URL?
Does anyone know a way to get the URL from the Firefox Address Bar? I've seen similar questions archived in Google Groups but no definite answer with any example code. There MUST be a way. I've tried various window-spying apps but none of them have shed any light on it. All I've found is that the Firefox Address... 28 Apr 2006 15:37
Changing removable disk label
Hi, I'm trying to change a removable disk label. If I use the SetVolumeLevel API, then it uses only upper-case letters. I need to have lower case as well. I know that the label is actually kept as a hidden system file in the root directory of the disk, but I haven't succeeded in programatically finding and renami... 3 Apr 2006 10:54
interacting with a Windows Service
Hi all, I turned my application in a common user-mode Windows service, which starts at boot time. It works fine, but it seems I can send only predefined messages to my service: install, uninstall, start, stop, pause, continue...That's good, but I need also to send "customized messages" to the service, to trigge... 3 Apr 2006 06:56
SetWaitableTimer issues
Hi there, MyApp creates a thread. And that thread uses CreateWaitableTime, SetWaitableTimer, WaitForSingleObject. But the problem my app is facing is if I go for the following code VOID CALLBACK TimerProc(LPVOID lpArgToCompletionRoutine, DWORD dwTimerLowValue, DWORD dwTimerHighValue) { //my code here; } ... 24 Mar 2006 12:04
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