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Custom MessageBox() icon?
I know it's possible to do such things as customize pushbutton text in the MessageBox() function using windows hooks, but I'd like to find out about modifying the box's client area icon in the same manner. One site says it's indeed possible, but I can't find any C/C++-specific examples online. Anyone know of an... 24 Jan 2007 11:33
How do i get the monitor ids?
Hi all, Can anybody tell me how to get the Monitor ids in a multimonitor environment? Thanks in advance.. ... 22 Jan 2007 10:43
difference between LockWindowUpdate () and WM_SETREDRAW?
After I learned about WM_SETREDRAW in previous post today, I also found lockwindowupdate fucntion. Can anybody explain difference between lockwindowupdate () and WM_SETREDRAW? They are similar, based on what I read in the documentation, and how they both worked with treeview. But not identical, based on my test wit... 25 Dec 2006 21:32
what is USB Device name?
I am using CreateFile( ) to open a USB Device. I have given first parameter lpFileName something like this, \\?\USB#Vid_413c&Pid_4011#0e01312e-0507-1116-2800-0050bfe45ce5#{a5dcbf10-6530-11d2-901f-00c04fb951ed} which is i get from "dbcc_name" property of DEV_BROADCAST_DEVICEINTERFACE structure. its giving me ... 15 Dec 2006 10:32
Getting VID,PID of USB Device.
How can i read the device details of an USB device using SDK. i got the handle to device using "CreateFile" function. But i am not getting the proper "dwIoControlCode" value to use with "DeviceIoCtl" function. Can any one tell me pls..? I not have installed DDK in my system. Thanks in advance Shiva ... 14 Dec 2006 06:19
what exactly is HTREEITEM?
What exactly is HTREEITEM? commctrl.h says: "typedef struct _TREEITEM *HTREEITEM;". Since I'm not getting any compiler error, I assume "struct _TREEITEM" must be defined somewhere. But I could not find "struct _TREEITEM" defined in any header file. I could not find a definition in Microsoft SDK documentation, and... 13 Dec 2006 03:34
ERROR_PARTIAL_COPY on ReadProcessMemory()
I have a situation where I'm using ReadProcessMemory() to read another process's address space. I have an upper bound on how much memory the structure I'm reading can occupy, but being that it's a variable length structure, I can't know exactly how big it is until I've read it and done some parsing on the fields i... 8 Dec 2006 14:33
Reading a serial id for a usb device
I'm wondering how I can read the serial id (if any) and other device dipendent data (such as capacity, number of blocks, etc) of a usb device (actually, just memories sticks). I would like to attach to these informations some security I want to implement in my application. I read a lot of stuff about the subject, a... 7 Dec 2006 03:24
ReadFileEx Problem
Hi, I use the ReadfileEx function to get some data from the BulkUSB Sample driver from ddk. I send ever 400 bytes via usb to the pc. Sometimes I received less then 400 bytes. But on the next send thes lost data comes first (for example in first send I got 336 Bytes and on the second 464 Bytes) but if I don�t ... 13 Dec 2006 04:38
What is the difference between DBT_DEVICEARRIVAL and DBT_DEVNODES_CHANGED
What is the difference between DBT_DEVICEARRIVAL and DBT_DEVNODES_CHANGED messages both are sub-messages under WM_DEVICECHANGE message ... 6 Dec 2006 01:44
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