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Startup screen keeps recycling
The startup screen my desktop (not used since April 09 when it was OK) keeps recycling. I have tried to get into it via safe mode and last known configuration but it still keeps cycling, - BUT - an internal CD drive that I hadn't been able to open for 3-4 years has suddenly come alive again. I'm using Windows X... 21 Oct 2009 04:56
.lnk problem
hi, i have a folder created with 5 files in it. i have sent this folder as an email attachment several times but now when i tried to attach this folder to an email and i get an error that i will not be sent due to possible virus. the folder shows up in the attachment window with a .lnk extension. i ran Nort... 11 Sep 2009 20:45
007489 M3i Zero , Ezflash Dsi , R4i Dsi 63282
Consigue tu M3i Zero , Ezflash Dsi , R4i Dsi M3i Zero Puedes comprar M3i Zero , Ezflash Dsi , R4i Dsi p?%TZ,iACo$pEYCWvgOrrbXxV ... 8 Sep 2009 11:27
Digit Substitution
There are three options in Digit Substitution box of Customize Regional Options dialog box that I have no idea about.Please give me a better descryption about these options ... 7 Sep 2009 16:45
how to back up drivers
Hi, I have used the following freeware to back up my drivers succesfully: Alver "mark" <mark(a)> schreef in bericht news:C463AF9D-45CF-4A41-A522-6A638EF80585(a) how do i back up all of my drivers and where do i find them. just in... 3 Sep 2009 05:24
Retrieve documents that were moved to TEMP user profile
I have a user that logged into her Windows XP PC and didn't realize she was in a TEMP user profile. She then moved all the files from her true windows profile to the temp profile. She then rebooted and lost all the documents from her desktop. Is there any way to recover the documents that were in the TEMP pr... 3 Sep 2009 05:24
Error Message
Since one week an error pops in just minutes I go online irrespective of the browser I use (IE 8 beta or Google Chrome), I am using Win XP Prof. SP3. The error is - 'svchost.exe - Application Error' The instruction at "0x0120f496" referenced memory at "0x0120f496". The memory could not be "written". Click on... 7 Dec 2008 11:44
RegCure Registry Cleaner Review =<SPAM>
> Registry Repair ... 7 Dec 2008 08:19
Canon Installlation Problems
We have the Canon D880 printers connected by USB to our computers. We have recently updated the PCs and when trying to install the old Canon D880 printers it is not working properly. They are on the XP operating systems and when doing the install it does seem as if it does work and says that the installation is... 25 Nov 2008 11:20
AT&T's ISP & COnnection issues
Sorry if this is not the proper NG but I tried a Windows Forum for ISP's & connectivity, & of course have dealt with AT&T too many times to count & am fed up with them. so maybe someone here has had similar issues. Or maybe you can point me in the right direction. I have the Motorola 2210 Modem I have 1 ph... 8 Dec 2008 03:43
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