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Repair Install
Is is possible to do a repair install of Windows XP with an operating system disk that is not the same as the originally installed OS? I am trying to help a friend with a problem and would like to try a repair install, but they have lost (or can't find) the OS disk that came with the computer. I am wondering ... 20 Sep 2005 09:39
Roxio Disc Copier error
Hi there! I have a problem with .ISO files. I had to install a fresh windows XP Pro SP2 (Hard Drive dissaster) and the EMC 7.5. Everything goes ok creating the ISO file, but ... If I try to burn it using Disc Copier the error message is "Invalid Parameter." [0x00000004] ... but using Creator Classic the error... 14 Sep 2005 00:12
Backup problem
I'm trying to perform a full backup using NTBACKUP, and placing the backup on an external hard drive. The backup won't run, and I get an error message that says "The files for the recovery diskette could not be created. The operation was aborted." I can't come up with any reason why this is happening. Any i... 11 Sep 2005 22:42
Component Services Error 8008005
Please help. My XP Pro system is fully patched and up to date. When I go to Component Services and try to view 'Com+ Applications' I get this error. Catalog Error 8008005 - Server Execution failed Additionally my application log is FULL of this error.... Event Type: Error Event Source: COM+ Event Catego... 9 Sep 2005 13:53
Hello! Each time when I log in I get opened C:\Program as Autostart. But in reality Autostart is empty. It started to appear for two weeks ago and I cannot change it back. I checked everything. Help! ... 13 Sep 2005 19:35
Setting a DOS variable
Folks, I need help ... in UNIX world it is relatively easy to set a variable from a process. For example: $ junk=`ls -altr | tail -1 | awk '{print $9}'` $ echo ${junk} This sets variable 'junk' to the file name of most recent file. What's the trick to perform this in DOS world? TIA, -NK ... 6 Sep 2005 15:39
User Accounts
?omehow I got my user accounts dorked up and can't get into my Administrator account. Apparently I entered my password and did not write down correctly. How do I erase/delete this account so I can start over? What started this episode is a friend of mine had his computer stolen, so I thought I'd add the user a... 30 Aug 2005 06:51
No Users
When I open Task Manager and click the Users tab, there are no users displayed, but I can still see my name in the shutdown tab. How can I get my display back? ... 4 Jul 2005 14:15
PDP RPC server by device guys
I get a message'Windows blocked following from connecting to internet ' PDP RPC server by device guys.' what is this program, is it safe to allow it to acess internet? thanks for any help ... 17 Mar 2005 11:47
can't logon as administrator in safe mode w/ xp home
I try to log on in safe mode with the Aadministrators account and it comes up with an error box (user environment) stating that It can log me on with the default user profile. When I click ok it sems to ant to log on but doesn't. The computer just freezes and I have to manually shut it down. Sometimes the err... 14 Mar 2005 04:51
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