From: scotth67 on
I have also had the same issue on Bellsouth. It worked Friday night (2/19/10) but not today. I checked settings and tried webmail (which works) but stumbled upon a page that said Bellsouth would not let me check or change any information on my account because their servers were down for maintenance. Anyone else tried that route? I really think it is Bellsouth/AT&T doing something to fix something that wasn't really broken.

From: paldan on
551 not our customer

From: etailgifts on
Seems to be working now using ( email server, additional outbound servers and bellsouth/AT&T DSL service. NO more immediate bounce back.

From: Carmel on
On Sat, 20 Feb 2010 19:18:34 -0500
AlabasterDavid <AlabasterDavid.46pjba(a)invalid>

> Same thing here. Started this morning. Using as my
> outgoing mail server. Use Outlook at home and auto download my emails
> from and But today, i can't forward or send
> any email messages, only recieve. Getting the sam message you are.

You might try one of these links:

Perhaps you might find something useful there. In any case, the problem
is not Outlook, a rarity I admit, but rather with the downstream ISP.


Carmel |::::=======

From: Hank Bailey Hank on
Using and having the same issue about last 48 hours.

"MLV0764" wrote:

> I get returned mail with the error "551 not our customer" when trying to
> forward mail. I can send new mail to the same contacts with no problem.
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