From: Frank H Frank on
Just connected with BellSouth/ATT phone line person who advised that problem
is on their end and that they have no indication of when it will be fixed.
Attendant referred to the problem as maintenance (maybe gone seriously
wrong!). Frank H

"Robin" wrote:

> Are you all using BELLSOUTH.NET ????????
> "Robin" wrote:
> > I'm having a simular issue.
> > outlook 2002 will not allow me to send mail get error message 551 not our
> > customer
> > I am able to receive all e-mails from other hosts but I am not able to reply
> > or send new mail if they do not have the same e-mail provider.
> >
> > Can I get help!!
> >
> > "MLV0764" wrote:
> >
> > > I get returned mail with the error "551 not our customer" when trying to
> > > forward mail. I can send new mail to the same contacts with no problem.
From: Jim Patrick on
I can not send email. The 551 error message appears.

From: Christianweb on
"MLV0764" wrote:

> I get returned mail with the error "551 not our customer" when trying to
> forward mail. I can send new mail to the same contacts with no problem.

It is a BellSouth error. When they changed to Att some customers still had
BellSouth and some had att pop addresses. Their latest update caused the

The following changes worked for me.

Change your email settings to: Pop server in = Out=

Uncheck "Require login using Secure Password Authentication" if it was

In Outlook 7, click on "More Settings" to open up the Internet E-mail
Settings box.

On the "Outgoing Server" tab, check the box for "My outgoing server (SMTP)
requires authentication.

Also, select "Use same settings as my incoming mail server.

On advanced tab change in and out port numbers in= 110 out=587

Close that window and click on the "Test Account Settings"

This worked for me, hopefully it will help others to get around this problem.

From: Ben Spotts Ben on
I found the answer and how to fix it! AT&T will finally get aroudn to
telling us - someday maybe.
will get you started. Need to change your acount settings.

Go to

"Gary" wrote:

> My original problem...
> "Same problem here. Started yesterday, 4/19/10. Newly created e-mail go out but not fwd or reply. Is it an Outlook or ISP issue? Happens with both Outlook XP on an XP machime and Outlook 07 on a Vista machine. I use BellSouth, i.e. AT&T DSL."
> ... has now gotten worse not better. No outgoing mail what so ever. No fwd, no reply, not even new msgs. Comes back immediately with 551 not our customer. Unless of course I send a msg to another address. Dead give-a-away as to where the problem lies.
> ---
> frmsrcurl:
> .
From: jupitertom on

I have had the "551 not our customer" issue as well since the evening of
Feb 19 (using Outlook 2007). I was finally able to reach Bellsouth
(AT&T) customer service. They told me it is definitely an internal
Bellsouth issue (blamed it on a server issue). They said do NOT change
any settings - be patient and use the internet version of email (Yahoo).
The lady I spoke to seemed extremely knowledgeable and said no firm date
is yet available for the correction.

I much prefer Outlook but will be patient for a day or so - no reason
why this should take this long if they put people on it.

I would like to know if anyone changed the in and out servers like
someone posted earlier. I asked the lady I sopks to if that would halp
and she said do not do this as it could only worsen things on my end.
Anyone else try the change and results if you did? Thanks, Tom


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