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Timing_Events: Event time still set after Cancel_Handler
Hi all, Before reporting a bug, I wanted to ask your opinion on this. Consider the following code: -- with Ada.Real_Time.Timing_Events; package Timers is use Ada.Real_Time.Timing_Events; protected type Timer_Type is procedure Setup (At_Time : Ada.Real_Time.Time); function Get_Time... 16 Sep 2009 17:27
gnatbind error with gtk after upgrade to GNAT GPL 2009
Having upgraded (uninstall GNAT GPL 2008, then installed GNAT GPL 2009), a project which used to build quite happily now gives the following when I build from the project file :- gnatbind -E -I- -x E:\Programming\FloorPlan\obj\floorplan.ali error: "gtk.ali" not found, "" must be compiled error: "gtk-box... 15 Sep 2009 15:45
Why no named case statements?
Ada allows optional names for loops and declare blocks but not for case or if statetements. Why not, since these are also multi-line statements that terminate with an 'end" keyword? I sometimes use loop names to clearly indicate the purpose of the loop and have wished I could do the same for case statements, e.g., ... 7 Sep 2009 04:29
AIDE by Stéphane Rivière
Experienced pgmr her but new to Ada, and using Stéphane Rivière's AIDE downloaded development environment, but can't get it configured properly to have gnatmake.exe in path. Can anyone consult for me to get it configured properly? Tks ... 16 Sep 2009 16:20
Variant record assignment fails discriminant check
For the folllowing variant record: ------------------------------------------ type t_X520CommonName_Choice_Id is ( X520CommonName_teletexString, X520CommonName_printableString -- more choices ); type t_X520CommonName (choice_Id : t_X520CommonName_Choice_Id := X520CommonName_teletexString) is... 3 Sep 2009 07:24
Ada Shootout program for K-Nucleotide (patches)
I see the C++ version uses fgets, which is a reasonably fast way of getting a line. Is there any reason not to use fgets? fgets (OpenSolaris version) uses memccpy to actually copy the buffer until the newline: 43 extern int _filbuf(); 44 extern char *memccpy(); 45 46 char * 47 fgets(... 8 Oct 2009 06:44
gnat on opensuse 11.1
I just installed opensuse 11.1 on my 64 bit laptop. I do not find gnatmake. Using yast2 -> software -> software management -> "searc gnatmake" (or "search gnat") does not help. Any suggestion ? Trying: "gcc -c test1.adb" gives: "gcc: error trying to exec 'gnat1': execvp: No such file or directo... 21 Dec 2008 17:55
Structure of the multitasking server
Hi all, Imagine a server with fixed number of worker tasks. There is no queue of jobs and jobs are immediately passed to one of the tasks that is currently idle. There is a separate task (or just the main one) that provides jobs for worker tasks. I am concerned with the proper structure of objects - I mean in ... 23 Sep 2008 07:43
Using GtkAda in Ubuntu
Hey all, I'm having some trouble getting GtkAda setup on my computer. I'm using Ubuntu 8.10, gtkAda 2.12 and gnat 4.3.1. Compiling the simple window example results in this: simple.adb:1:06: file "" not found gnatmake: "simple.adb" compilation error I have installed all the libgtkada's, and gnat-... 12 Sep 2008 03:30
Trouble Using Asis Tools
Hey I'm trying to use Asis for Gnat tools (gnatpp, gnatstub etc...) on Ubuntu 8.04 and I get the following error message. $gnatstub gcc: error trying to exec 'gnat1': execvp: No such file or directory gnatstub: cannot create the tree file for $gnatpp anagram.adb gcc: error trying to exec 'gn... 15 Aug 2008 14:05
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