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>On Mon, 21 Jun 2010 18:30:28 -0500, Jane Galt <Jane_G(a)> wrote:
>>Yep, and I've owned guns since moving out of my pacifist anti-gun jewish
>>parents' home around 1970. People like that are also the reason I renounced
>>judaism at around age 25, out of shame and disgust that people who could
>>say "never again!" could possibly trust ANY government to protect them, and
>>go unarmed. I see any and all unarmed jews as abject cowards, and deserving
>>of having another Holocaust inflicted on them.

So you could have become active in the JDL and helped put some teeth
into "never again". Instead you've become a quote accumulator and
spent your time looking for the perfect holster purse. Talkin' the
talk, but stoppin' there.

Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida
From: Jane Galt on
"Dudley Hanks" <dhanks(a)> wrote :

> PS:
> Did you know Canada is the only country in the history of the world that
> had nuclear weapons and voluntarily got rid of them? It can be done...

"Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who don't."

Canada is ripe for the taking. Who wants it?

- Jane Galt
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"Dudley Hanks" <dhanks(a)> wrote :

>> You realize that you're essentially saying that you dont trust people to
>> make the judgements necessary to even defend themselves, right?
> No, not at all. I told SD in this very thread I'd feel a lot safer if we
> had a lot more trained cops, retired officers / military types wandering
> around packing pistols, even living right next door...
> I just get a bit edgy when people paint an entire nation unfavourably
> because of a perceived discrepancy in beliefs, belittle their neighbours
> because they won't offer support for packing legislation, and in general
> display a rather immature attitude...
> Those people should not be carrying.

You want to dictate who may exercise their human rights. I see.

- Jane Galt
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"Dudley Hanks" <dhanks(a)> wrote :

>> A libertarian is a person who believes that no one has the right, under
>> any
>> circumstances, to ***initiate*** force against another human being, or
>> to advocate or delegate its initiation. Those
> So, why the need to pack a piece?

Not even a valid question. It's my human right. I can exercise it without
anyone's perceived "need", it's not a marxist thing. ( "From each according
to his abilities, to each according to his needs." )

I can carry just because I like the color with my accessories.

> I've know a lot of Libertarians, and most seem to like guns in general,
> and carrying them "for protection" in particular...

Like a fire extinguisher, I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it
and not have it. Did Suzanna Hupp know she would need it? She went to eat
at a cafeteria with her parents. pretty safe activity.

> Yet, in a post you posted earlier in this thread, you said your State is
> so much more friendly since people started carrying, "because you just
> never know who's packing."

Seems like people are more respectful and polite.

> To me, that sounds like you're in favour of the violent affects
> associated with pistol packing, in effect initiating violence against
> others...

How is possessing property "initiating" force. You've just shown that you
dont even know the meaning of the word.

> You don't actually have to show it to use it in a violent, offensive
> manner...


- Jane Galt
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"Dudley Hanks" <dhanks(a)> wrote :

> As a blind guy out walking around, if I get a bit disoriented and look
> like I could use a helping hand, it's interesting that Muslims, or at
> least people who come across as Muslims, are the ones most often to
> offer help... One day, I must have looked hungry in addition to lost, so
> this elderly Muslim fellow, even offered to share his lunch with me...
> Then, I come home, get on the internet, and how do the fine "white folk"
> come across? Well, if I'd let the crazies on this group sway me, I'd
> head for the nearest Mosque and look into joining...

Go for it, you sound quite compatible. You want to inflict your brand of
tyranny on the human rights of everyone else. Great mob rule tyrant.

- Jane Galt