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Windows 7 version
Are you guys using Home Premium or Professional? The only reason I'd go to Professional is for the "XP Compatibility" thing - in case some of my apps don't work. It costs a hell of a lot morw though :-\ -- =========== John Braner jbraner(a) ... 29 Oct 2009 19:50
Ping Sue: Macrium first results
Just did a restore from an image I made. All appeared to go well, but the following errors appear in the Event Logs: 1) Event ID: 8194 Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Unexpected error querying for the IVssWriterCallback interface. hr = 0x80070005, Access is denied. .. This is often caused by incorrect secur... 22 Oct 2009 14:07
Superior Drummer 2.2
"Glennbo" <vdrumsYourHeadFromYourAss(a)> wrote in message news:Xns9C938226B67BABrownShoesDontMakeIt(a) So I've been messing with some of the new stuff Superior Drummer 2.2 can do, specifically in the velocity curve area/pedal curve of the hihat. I built a new kit today that uses the A... 5 Oct 2009 02:30
Mini Laptops
"Here In Oregon" I am currently interested in buying as soon as possible because I will be doing some traveling along the Oregon coast, (relief from allergies) Californification (business), and Hawaii (pleasure). Californification (business) Uh, sorry there folks. That was a Freudian slip (paraprax... 25 Sep 2009 11:55
Superior 2.2 is available
log in to account -- Tom B. ... 29 Sep 2009 20:55
Sonar 8.5 - Notion 3
If you get Sonar 8.5 now you can still get the "Elite" stuff later. This is the link for the extras - Notion update $129.00 for Sonar 8.5 Notion regular price 249.00 Max Arwood ... 17 Sep 2009 16:59
Mockman Schematic ... a better Rockman
Mockman ... a better Rockman guitar amp. I can solder with the best of them but I can't read a schematic like this. If someone can translate this into a parts list ( or point me to a place to learn the language so I can order / buy the parts ) I'd build it. Steve Karl ... 13 Oct 2009 08:49
Pitk├Ą mutta kapea
Glennbo wrote: In news:4a3b3e37$0$6277$9b536df3(a) the killer robot Kristian Sundqvist <kristian(a)> grabbed the controls of the spaceship and pressed these buttons... Lis´┐Żydinvoimaloiden rakentamisella ei ole tulevissa Euroopan Voot vxen dpor gurm Uropeen!!!... 15 Sep 2009 01:19
Trying to make metronome work with LiveSynth Pro
Running CW Home Studio 2, I've got my midi running through LiveSynth pro, and so far can't seem to get sound from the metronome. If I want the metronome to use the woodblock sound, in particular bank, how would I set it up? Thanks for all assistance. ... 29 Sep 2008 04:44
"Gotta Draw the Line" from DIGITAL ECLIPSE
GOTTA DRAW THE LINE artist: Markus producer: M. Spence writers: A. Bolton & M. Spence publishers: (c) 2007 Copyright Control & Stat Songs Publishing, Ltd. (ASCAP) taken from the CD, DIGITAL ECLIPSE enjoy and spread the word about it and the CD. .......thanks. markus stat songs publishing, ltd. (ascap)... 15 Sep 2008 20:28
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