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Camera: Getting supported resolutions?
Hello With the cameradialog I can set the resolution. But how can I know which resolutions are supported on a device? Thanks ... 29 Mar 2010 06:57
how to get rid of mouse pointer and focus button outlining
Hello, I am building an application to be used with touch screen, so there is no keyboard to press a tab key or enter key. For this I would like to ask if there is a way to suppress the dotted lines on a button when it gets or got pressed. I tried to move the focus to another object in the event handler routi... 30 Mar 2010 11:39
Password in CF 3.5
Hi, i have a private field that contains a password in plain text. I'd like to store it in a safe place... Where is the rigth place ? because i dont like store it in my source code... Thanks in advance. M Nigles. ... 6 Apr 2010 16:29
CF application, with source, recompiled for .NET
Hi, I would like to be sure if there are some possibilities to take the source code of a CF application and recompile to create a .NET application. I've to say that the application uses OpenNETCF library and call O.S. library thorugh P-Invoke. Which problems I've to face ? Have I to recompile OpenNETCF l... 25 Mar 2010 02:10
Storage Key
Hi, i�m working with encrypting/decrypting (RijndaelManaged )methods in my app. My question is: where store the key that i use to encrypt/decrypt ? actually i�m storing in source code in plain text, but it�s not secure... Any ideas ? Thanks! ... 22 Mar 2010 11:53
WCF wich CF
Hi I'm hearing a lot about WCF and want to know: 1. what version of CF is it? 2. I can use with Visual Studio 2005 side. NET CF. NET full (so I guess you see the 3. NET full)? 3. if present in the CF server also allows you to create the mobile side? 4. have exceeded the limits of TcpListener TcpClient and CF 2? t... 24 Mar 2010 04:25
Windows Messages
We are using a windows CE5 / CF2 device that has a single button to change the input mode from numeric - alpha - capitals and I need to be able to control the input mode from my application. There are 3 problems that I need to solve: 1) Change the input mode from my application 2) Get the current input mode 3)... 22 Mar 2010 10:32
Hi, On my application, i would display the operating system name, but, when i display "System.Environment.OSVersion.ToString()", the result is ... "Microsoft Windows CE 4.21.1088" but i would "Mobile 2003 Second Edition " and "Microsoft Windows CE 5.2.1620" but i would "Windows Mobile 6 Professional - CE OS ... 6 Apr 2010 06:24
Memory leak
Hello, I am working on an Application for a WINCE device. I have written my application in C# (Compact framework)which runs on a WINCE device. In my C# code i will call the C/C++ functions also. Now I am facing the problem of memory leak. Anybody please tell me how to find the memory leaks in C# device appl... 16 Apr 2010 07:17
How to protect my app
I�m developing a mobile app WM6 + CF 3.5 + C#. My idea is that when the customers install the app, it�s ask for a serial key.... anybody has any link or paper or sample about how to do it ? Thanks a lot. ... 18 Mar 2010 16:39
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