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Defrag (pagefile)
Sorry Twayne, I don't know what "the right way" (as you call it) is, in regard to someone who wants to defragment their paging file (for whatever reason) as far as I know there's only one way available to do that. And as for the statement "still adding a very considerable amount of c... 10 May 2010 15:27
Update - Microsoft Responds to the Evolution of Community
What is Happening? This message is to inform you that Microsoft will soon begin discontinuing newsgroups and transitioning users to Microsoft forums. Why? As you may know, newsgroups have existed for many years now; however, the traffic in the Microsoft newsgroups has been steadily decreasing for the past sever... 9 May 2010 17:38
when i open mpr.dll by sidewalk program in support tools i receive a red icon in this program that indicates one or more functions of this dll is not recongnized what should i do and how do i fix it? ... 7 May 2010 14:32
When I defrag ny laptop (XP SP2), I notice two large green blocks. I assumed that is the page file area. Is there any way to keep them together instead of separate? There was just one before I increased the page file size, so I guess instead of adding it to the same area , it created a new separate area. JPC ... 10 May 2010 14:21
Microsoft Responds to the Evolution of Online Communities
Date 5/4/2010 Starting in early summer 2010, Microsoft will begin progressively closing down the Microsoft public newsgroups to enrich conversations in the rapidly-growing forum platform. This decision is in response to worldwide market trends and evolving customer needs. Microsoft continues to invest ... 7 May 2010 03:30
no used current style as standart mode
Thank's on advices by ones: 1)2) Very well trust! Only searched signature places by Index about: commands, abbreviations and logons. Another fault to exploration, if unchecked the option "Use Colors Windows" go to Internet Explorer\Tools\General Properties\Common\Colors to may wandering overall content Onli... 6 May 2010 16:32
DOMAIN\user and LOCAL\user are same persons and want to share a profile on local machine.
Hi Folks, I have a case where the same person is a member of two domains: DOMAIN\user and LOCAL\user. I have modified the registry so the profile list for both now identifies "C:\Documents and Settings\user" as the path and I have modified the permissions on "C:\...\user" so the DOMAIN\user and LOCAL\user h... 4 May 2010 22:25
no used current style as standart mode
I'm changed colors of scheme to (classical style) Windows XP. Now when to worked in System and Online Help's searched by term no hilighting results. Thank for any reference. ... 6 May 2010 06:23
My Documents: show all folders without pushing the MAPS button
How can I configure My Documents so that it immediately shows the complete folder structure, without having to push the MAPS button each time I open the explorer? ... 27 Apr 2010 03:14
Update RE: XP Screensaver
Further to the previous of late Mar/early April when I said that it appeared to me that XP on my machine had a mind of it's own in regard to screensaver op. Well it seems that not just XP has functions in regard to the screensaver which appear to be beyond my control - well enter the two AOC LCD screens that I... 25 Apr 2010 16:44
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