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What to do with all the stupid and unnecessary "other/guest" user accounts and directories?
Hello, Is it possible to move all the directories from All Users to Administrator or vice versa and change the re;evant/necessary shortcuts? It is driving me INSANE to have to check in two different places every time I want to make a change to the start menu. (Not to mention the set-up it totally illogical -... 6 Jan 2010 09:53
How do I remove a graphics settings profile?
Hello, I set up 3 different graphics setup profiles in graphics "themes/schemes/whatever they call it" (I can't check 'cos' I'm on a different system at the moment) accessed by right-clicking on desktop. I would like to remove one since 2 are identical - and I'm sure I will need to remove more in the future ... 21 Dec 2009 10:11
2 things I'm trying to do
Hi 2 things I'm trying to do, any help or advice very welcome : A- "Printing" to one page pdf documents There are several free software that can "print to pdf" : one uses them just as if they were real printers, and they produce a nice pdf file instead of printed paper. Do you know one that can produce ... 27 Dec 2009 19:37
Notepad timestamp YYYY-MM-DD
Wounder if any know how to make Notepad timestamp YYYY-MM-DD (YYYY-MM-DD for that sake). Thanks, JohS ... 13 Dec 2009 06:42
Viewing Camcorder output
I recently bought a camcorder that records onto an 8cm DVD. Whilst the DVD is in the camcorder, I can plug the camcorder into my SONY TV via the cable that came with the camcorder, which terminates in three "Phono" plugs, Red/White(Audio) and Yellow(Video), then view the disc contents. Is there some way I co... 28 Dec 2009 23:59
I can't get rid of Small Window in Desktop
This desktop sits in a nearby therapy facility for the amusement of the in-patients. I see that there is a small window in the middle of the desktop screen that just can't be removed. Or, at least I can't find out how. The window seems likely to be Google Mail related. The user doesn't have administrator privi... 26 Nov 2009 05:23
can't stretch the picture on my display properties
hi, i'm using win xp pro sp3. previously, i can stretch the picture even with an 800 x 600 one with webshots to fit on my LCD monitor asus vw192d, now it can't. i have put a check mark on webshot properties-wallpaper-enlarge picture to best fit desktop. i even tried the windows display properties by stretching ... 22 Nov 2009 18:20
XP 32 bit Memory
How much memory can XP 32 bit OS handle? I want to have Dell build a dual boot Laptop with both Windows 7 OS & XP 32 bit OS on it. I would like to have 8 Gig of ram if it XP 32 will handle it. JPC ... 24 Dec 2009 20:34
Copying the configuration from ne PC or user to another
I have 10 PCs running XP HOME/SP3 in a small business I own. Each PC has 3 active users (the admimistrator, a staff account, and a customer account). The staff and customer accounts are all limited accounts. I want to make all 10 PCs as identical as possible. This includes screen savers, font sizes, and in-num... 11 Nov 2009 05:42
Soundcard low pass filter
Hi, I tried to use the DRM software dream on my Asus EeePC 1000H and recognize that the frequency response is cutted at 8 kHz. I suppose there is a high frequency cut off filter, but I didn't fond anything to solve this problem. Also is there no possibility to change the sample rat. The System is Windows XP... 8 Nov 2009 15:13
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