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the mail incoming to irene ... 19 Sep 2010 18:36
Is there a way to build an initial VidPN in Win 7 driver
Hi, I need a help for the scenario below: ================================ I have two displays - CRTC and DVI output. the crtc is the primary display. Now I want to change and try to tell Win 7 to switch to DVI as primary after reboot. How can I do in the driver? It seems on Vista, the DXgk call recommendV... 19 Sep 2010 18:36
How to create a driver for Windows 7 x64 ?
Hello, I would like to know the method to create some drivers for electronic cards plugged on the PCI Express bus of computers. I just begin in the programming world, I know the C++ language a little bit, and I really need your help ! I will have to develop some drivers for a machine which is running with ... 19 Sep 2010 18:36
sdbus.sys DMA physical address always are the same
I use In-box driver for Pci-E SD host contoller, it will load sdbus.sys, sffdisk.sys and sffp_sd.sys driver. I use PciE analyzer to trace DMA operation. I found a strange situation about DMA operation: It's DMA physical start address always are the same. Ex: host device... 19 Sep 2010 18:36
ISA non PNP interrupt issue
Hi , i have one doubt regarding ISA non PNP interrupt handling. It is clear for PNP interrupt handling is done by WDF layer. But for ISA non PNP devices, we need to mention the interrupt number in LogConfig - IRQConfig entry. I mentioned my interrupt number in IRQConfig entry. But I did not get any interrupt f... 30 Sep 2010 10:12
Installing the Device Driver SDK
I have exactly the same error while trying to install the WDK. I have checked the Full Development Environment (which checks the Build Env, Samples, Tools and Help subsections). The Debuggin Tools for Windows, Device Simulation Frameworks, and Windows Device Testing Framework items are NOT checked. Yet it is... 19 Sep 2010 18:36
Free Download PayPal Money Generator Software.
Free Download PayPal Money Generator Software At i have hidden the Software Link in an image. in that website on Right Side below search box, click on image and Download Free Software. ... 19 Sep 2010 18:36
NDIS driver installation failed - WOW64
Hi All, I am trying to install NDIS Intermidiate filter driver in wow64 environment. SetupCopyOEMInf failed error code 193. Is it possible to install 64-bit NDIS IM filter driver using 32 bit installer? Regards, SAM ... 19 Sep 2010 18:36
"Print to file" and UNI driver
Hi, I'm developing a printer driver based on the UNI driver example of the DDK. Currently, it is not working very well when the "Print to file" option on the print dialog is checked. From my understanding, the driver should be receiving the raw printer data through the COemUni2::WritePrinter() function. ... 19 Sep 2010 18:36
Repost: Signed catalog file giving me "can't verify publisher"
Thanks for the tip, but I know I'm cross-signing it, and signtool /verify shows that as well. However, on a tip from a co-worker I updated the root certificates on my machine and now the problem seems to have gone away. Many thanks to all that helped me! "Satya" wrote: I suspect you have not cross-si... 19 Sep 2010 18:36
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