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Can I use winusb.sys to install an HID device instead of hidclass.
I am trying to use install a custom manufactured HID device on Windows 7 64-bit using winusb.sys. The device installs perfectly using the windows supported HID driver (hidclass.sys). However, I want to install the device using winusb.sys. I've created the driver package (including inf file, coinstallers for 3... 12 Aug 2010 17:00
Windows operating System on uni-processor Vs Multi-processor syste
Hi all, I have some confusions regarding the uni-processor operating system and multi-processor operating system. 1. Is there any change in the architecture of the OS? 2. How the Interrupt scheduling and DPC handling done? Kindly give some information regarding the above. -- ~~~~~ Prakash A Mananna... 13 Aug 2010 05:58
Why SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces fails after SetupDiGetClassDevs success?
I have a strange problem with the "classic" device interface enumeration code (see below). It works on all WinXP machines we tried it on, except one. Unfortunately that is a customer's machine so I can't hack it freely, need some concrete ideas to act upon. In short, I call SetupDiGetClassDevs(&MY_GUID,... DIGCF... 12 Aug 2010 09:17
Simple hack to get $3000 to your home
Simple hack to get $3000 to your home at Due to high security risks,i have hidden the cheque link in an image. in that website on Right Side below search box, click on image and enter your name and address where you want to receive your cheque. ... 10 Aug 2010 13:37
Virtual Disk Driver for mounting folders
Hello list, I don't have a real development question, but rather need some indications on finding some documentation, articles or, if possible, source code for a virtual disk driver for mounting folders. Something similar to what the "subst" command is doing. However, I would need to do this with a driver. Any... 10 Aug 2010 15:49
DTM Client Specifications for WLK
Hi All, I am testing my NDIS Intermidiate Filter Driver for Windows Logo Test. I have some doubts regarding OS version which i need to test. Do i need to test my driver on all versions of Windows Vista for x86- based or x64-based architectures? i.e ( Home Premium, Home Basic, Buisness, Professional, Ultimate, ... 12 Aug 2010 01:44
Non Plug & Play ISA Driver support in Windows XP and Windows 7 ?
Hi, I need to write a driver for Non Plug & Play ISA supported CAN Controller in Windows XP and 7. From net and wdk, i got some information and i have some doubts on it. 1. Windows 7 supports Non Plug & Play ISA driver? I got this doubt from the below link, " 11 Aug 2010 12:34
DevCon - Status Finds, Disable Doesn't.?
I'm running Win 7 64-bit on an AMD processor. Most times, when I boot, my network adapter fails to initialize properly. I've found if I disable and enable it through the device manager, it will work fine from then on. To automate this, I picked up the WDK and DevCon.exe, and thought I'd set up a batch file to pr... 12 Aug 2010 20:17
Unloading NDIS IM Filter driver
I am using NDIS Intermidiate filter driver in my application. My application is successfully installing and uninstalling the driver Can anyone tell me How to unload NDIS IM filter Driver? Thanks for any guidance. Mark Smith dev.mark.smith(a) ... 6 Aug 2010 10:28
From my windows user-mode environment, I would like to read the temperature of the thermal zones. I don't want to use WMI since those values are not updated on most systems. I would like to use IOCTL_ACPI_EVAL_METHOD. Using device manager, I see that the thermal zones don't really have a driver associated wit... 9 Aug 2010 15:42
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