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keyboard filter driver
Hi, Currently iam doing a keyboard filter driver based on kbfiltr example from ddk. My objectives are to 1. Insert multiple keystrokes from a single key press. For example, when user press <a> i must send it as <SHIFT><F1> in the same context of <a>. 2. Drop and remap multiple keystrokes. For e... 27 May 2005 14:14
legacyMode Problems
Hi, I am trying to use the legacyMode element within the dpinst xml schema, so that we can install non signed drivers using the Device Package Installer. However i do not seem to be bale to get it to work as it will not install the drive as it is not signed. Is there anything else that one should do to get ... 13 Jun 2005 09:57
about SdBusOpenInterface() and SDIO
the sdbusapi.doc said, the SdBusOpenInterface() should be called in AddDevice(), but I develop a driver for NDIS NIC, then I have no this callback routine , I call it in my MiniportInitialize(),but it failed all the time,I have no idea. please help me, if you know this. and it said, SD function drivers are WD... 2 Jun 2005 22:16
msvad question
Hi all! Newbie with this virtual adapter driver example. When connect capture pin to default renderer i hear only cracks. But one time i heard sound from my usb microphone using msvad (simple) filter. I have saved 2 graphedit projects (both contains only 2 filters - msvad connected to default audio renderer): 1... 26 May 2005 05:19
WM_DEVICECHANGE (with DBT_DEVICEARRIVAL) works fine but is so slo-o-ow in CD/DVD-rom case. It is not unusual to wait about 10 seconds between injecting the tray and the moment apps finally recieves WM_DEVICECHANGE/DBT_DEVICEARRIVAL notification. Is there any way for user-mode app to get "earlier" notification a... 18 Mar 2005 01:18
Anybody found a way to call this Language Monitor Function from a C program? I really need this function to be working, but calling GetPrinterData() from a C function (as it says in the MSDN Documentation), doesn't call GetPrinterDataFromPort() in the language monitor. I noticed that many other programmers ... 2 Mar 2005 18:20
When system resume from suspend power status, my USB device must be reset. Since there are no IRP_MN_WAIT_WAKE . (I guess that IRP_MN_WAIT_WAKE not been receipted because this device is not a remote-wakeup supported device.) I call this cycle port function when the system power chang to working power statu... 2 Mar 2005 18:19
How could i reset a USB device
Sir. USBDI internal function "IOCTL_INTERNAL_USB_CYCLE_PORT" can not use in WIN2000 ME AND 98. Is there any other function can be called in my client USB driver to reset my device? Thank you. poly ... 2 Mar 2005 18:19
WDM Screen Capture Driver
Hi There! I am a newbie in Driver Development, so I think my doubt is simple. What I need is a virtual driver for capturing desktop window (applications must see it as a webcam). I have installed DDK and realized that TESTCAP (DDK ýs sample) has all I need - except that this driver doesn't capture anything (i... 2 Mar 2005 18:20
Hi I'm building wireless lan adapter control application using NdisProt. when I set value, some of OIDs work but others does not. I think using DeviceIoControl is incorrect but I can't find the solution. success OIDs are: OID_802_11_AUTHENTICATION_MODE OID_802_11_DISASSOCIATE OID_802_11_INFRASTRUCTURE_... 2 Mar 2005 18:18
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