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MPIO driver installation
Hi, As I understood the Microsoft MPIO drivers, are not DIFx compatible and additional MSI custom actions had to be developed for Driver consistency and compatibility checks and MPIO upgrade / rollback operations. Do you have any MSI file or other sample for installing MPIO driver including taking care... 30 Aug 2005 03:16
A Z40 USB device ( 4.0 G ) got unaccessible after the W2K came up with the error message "Write delay failed". This was because I tried to copy a file that is 136 M in size. May be the real issue arose when I unplugged the USB device instead of correctly notifying W2K of my intention to unplug it. Has an... 31 Aug 2005 18:09
Hi, I need to create an Asyn IRP for IOCTL_HID_GET_FEATURE. But I can't find any sample in DDK or WDM book for it. Here are the partial codes: irp = IoAllocateIrp(DeviceExtension->TopOfStackDriver->StackSize + 1, FALSE); if(irp == NULL) { ExFreePool(report); return STATUS_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURC... 29 Aug 2005 15:25
Hi all, I'm developing the Unidrv based printer driver, and I made use of oemdll sample in DDK under win2k. Also I successfully added one dialog page to the UI plugin. Now what I want to do is to allow user to enter some values in the text boxes provided, and then I need my driver to take these values as Paper Heig... 2 Sep 2005 14:32
MmAllocateContiguousMemory in WDM drivers
Is it really so, what I just have read: MmAllocateContiguousMemory should not used in WDM drivers? Why? I use it to put a scatter gather list into my hardware. With AllocateCommonBuffer I cannot define a HighestAcceptableAddress. My DMA controller supports 64 bit transfers, but for the SGList entries there is on... 25 Aug 2005 05:05
Firefly example sends HID related
Hi All, I have some queries here regarding the DDK's firefly example. In its vfeature.cpp, it sends IOCTL_HID_GET_COLLECTION_INFORMATION IOCTL_HID_GET_COLLECTION_DESCRIPTOR IOCTL_HID_SET_FEATURE to the Top most driver of the driver stack instead of the one just below the firefily filter. I just wonde... 28 Aug 2005 11:33
WinXP x64 STREAM.SYS 0x3b Crash
I have developed my own kernel mode streaming driver based on the WinDDK sample 1394ohci/SONYDCAM.SYS for our 1394 products. The SONYDCAM.SYS driver which ships with XP x64 seems to work fine, but my driver reacts differently. Driver Initialize is completely successful and load properly. After it is loaded, ... 6 Sep 2005 00:12
PcCardConfig M Option
Can anyone confirm whether the PcCardConfig (M) option in the ConfigOverride section of an inf file for a PCMCIA card running on a cardbus (Texas Instruments PCI-1510) controller actually does anything under WinXP SP2. I am trying to enable 16 bit memory access to common memory on the card. I have checked the m... 22 Aug 2005 10:07
USB device access via DeviceIoControl and WriteFile / ReadFile
I have a strange problem. In my Language Monitor I am trying to analyze on starting the Monitor after reboot if the printer attached is my printer and if this printer can communicate bi-directional. I am using DeviceIoControl for getting the DeviceID and have no problems with this. Then I am using WriteFile an... 14 Sep 2005 12:04
Hi My driver works ok but crashes only on a specific computer - IBM thinkpad laptop. I did a kernel memory dump but didn't find my driver in the stack. Also, it crashes on different functions every time! here is a WinDbg analyze output... Any help ? *************************************************************... 7 Jul 2005 02:59
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