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packet stacking
what is ndis 5.1 packet stacking and how can ablet to send down packet using packet stacking // Packet stacks: Check if we can use the same packet for sending down. pStack = NdisIMGetCurrentPacketStack(pPacket, &bRemaining); where pPacket is original packet how i send down modified packet? ... 15 Feb 2006 17:36
What do "MS ArACPI" or "MS ArPolicy" drivers do?
Hello, I just got a new HP M7330N computer with XP Media Center 2005 operating system. In the Device Manager, the first device that is listed is "ARPC Devices" and under that there are two drivers: "MS ArACPI Driver" and "MS ArPolicy Driver". Can anyone please tell me what these drivers are for and from where ... 12 Feb 2006 20:09
Windows VISTA and SCSI drivers
Does anyone possess or know where to find Adaptec SCSI drivers for Vista? -- Dennis @ H-P ... 7 Feb 2006 12:33
SoftIce and WinXP SP2 CHECKED
Hi, I have some problem with running SoftIce (Driver Studio 3.2) on Windows XP SP2 MUI CHECKED. I try run SoftIce (Ctrl + D) but appears very strange SoftIce window. After close this window Windows frozen - all not work (keyboard, mouse). SoftIce from Driver Studio 2.7 work good but not work TAB key (for compl... 1 Feb 2006 18:45
SDIO Multifunction
Hello, We solved the problem of Sdio interrupts (for one function) but i have a problem that may someone has solved. Our hardware is multifunction but we only could enable one function, for the others answer with an error C0000019 that is not documented. We use Axim X51v (windows mobile 2005) We use (for... 20 Jan 2006 04:58
Intermediate driver (IM) installation using DPFx question
Hi, Anybody has the experience of installing intermediate driver using Driver Installation Framework tools? I did have experience installed device driver using DPInst.exe with Installshield 11. But, I have problem to make it work for the intermediate driver installation, which has two ..inf in its package. I signe... 19 Jan 2006 21:15
Compiling under ddk 3790
Dear Group, Is it possible to compile win32 programs with the ddk? It seems all the correct header and library files are present, but when I try to compile I receive extremely strange errors. Here is what I received from the standard 'HelloWorld' app of the VC6 wizard: C:\win32>set path=C:\WINDDK\3790.1830\... 20 Jan 2006 15:32
What is watchdog!WdUpdateRecoveryState: Recovery enabled.?
I have some problems with a tcp connection, i don't know if "watchdog!WdUpdateRecoveryState: Recovery enabled." is related to my error but it is displayed in dbgview before i get problem to send data. running xp+sp2 ... 12 Jan 2006 09:19
DeviceIoControl problem under WM5.
hi, all. I wrote a program under WM 5 using C# to achieve the AP's ssid and rssi. i have a problem for DeviceIoControl: it always raise a MissingMethodException. the code is below: #region PInvoke definitions /// <summary> /// PInvoke version of DeviceIoControl. See MSDN documentation for further /// i... 12 Jan 2006 03:00
Hello: Q1: When i'm using status = IoGetDeviceInterfaces( (LPGUID)&GUID_CLASS_COMPORT, NULL, 0, &symbolicLinkList ); I have error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _GUID_CLASS_COMPORT I included <ntddser.h> Q2: When i'm using GUID ClassGuid = {0x4D36E978L, 0xE325, 0x11CE, 0xBF, 0... 11 Jan 2006 18:45
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