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Hi, Recently I've attempt to write a driver in order to hook any registry access using the KeServiceDescriptorTable and then subst the table entry with my function. If I use the this code only for logging (ie. RegMon) it's all ok, but if I try to modify the parameter all the Zwxx function give me a STATUS_A... 6 Jul 2005 06:13
DrvQueryFontTree fails with Splwow64.exe
OS: Windows XP Professional x64 Version 2003 Service Pack 1 DDK: Windows DDK 3790.1830 Case: Printing from a 32-bit application DrvQueryFontTree returns a pointer to an FD_GLLYPHSET structure. After that ntdll.dll fails. Following is the call stack information: ntdll.dll!RtlCopyMemory () + 0xb0 bytes ... 24 Jun 2005 18:33
I have problems with blue screen caused by Usbehci.sys. I created a USB camera and a driver. Transfer speed of the device is about 20 MBytes/s. I use driver verifier. One time after 4 hours, the other time after 20 hours, OS was crushed. Stop:0x000000D1(0x00000008,0x00000002,0x00000000,0xEB6EAA08) Addre... 7 Jul 2005 08:06
How to capture avshws(AVStream sample)
Hi all: I'm a newbie to Windows Driver Development. I have built avshws project(the AVStream sample) and ran in Graph Edit. Now i want to capture or preview it,But AMCap tool can't found avshws. Can somebody tell me how to capture and preview? BTW,Excuse me for my poor english. Best Reagards... 23 Jun 2005 02:45
Udating public devmode with IPrintOemDriverUI::DrvUpdateUISetting
Hello, I am working on a unidrv ui plug-in and I basically need to eliminate and replace all default UI. With some limitations we have been able to change the visual aspect of the UI completely by hiding all unwanted controls and adding new ones on the property initialization messages and by adding whole no... 23 Jun 2005 10:36
send commands to the keyboard controller
I'm working on a keyboard class upper filter driver, based on the DDK kbfiltr sample. Succeed to get data send from the controller through i8042. Now I want to send commands to the keyboard controller from my filter driver, meaning send data to be written to port 60\64. can it be done? which IRP i should use? ... 2 Aug 2005 04:26
Hi. Can anybody describe situations when using avssamp (AVStream example based virtual video capture driver) generates BSD with this error ? BSD doesn't clarify what sys file has generated the problem, i supose that is because of my new video capture driver... ... 23 Jun 2005 10:36
How to query available bluetooth devices in the room
Hi all, I am interested to write an application (on Pocket PC) which should be able to query availalbe bluetooth devices in my room (for example my Nokia 6270 mobile :)). Could you please what APIs should I use for this? Thanks, Arsalan ... 22 Jun 2005 21:08
*.inf question
In my *.inf file is section: [AAAMP.AddService.AddReg] HKR, Parameters, "MyDir", 0, %01% That creates value equal to path where is installed driver.sys from. This path is necessary to have in registry for my driver operation. Problem is, that when user uninstalls driver and tries to install it from different d... 21 Jun 2005 05:27
Memory Limits in Sectin View Mapping
Hi! According to the MSDN the routine "MmMapViewInSystemSpace" as well as many other Memory Manager Routines, is reserved for system use and should not be used in a driver. Despite this information, I want to know if there is a limitation of section view size I can try and map with this fucntion. I made some tes... 7 Jul 2005 04:00
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