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Thanks,I send CMD52 seems correct. but the CMD53 may wrong although return OK. because my Ready Register is not OK.(use it to specify my FW is download and run ok now.) What wrong will it be ? THX //Submit Request Device Command {//1.3 start PSDBUS_REQUEST_PACKET sdrp =NULL; PMDL mdl = NULL; S... 16 Jun 2005 08:20
GPRS / GSM Driver
Hello, I'm writing an application (C++) which connects to a specialized server through the GPRS Network. I use a GPRS modem for which I have no driver (the manufacturer didn't publish any). I use Windows ras capability to connect to the server, and that's fine. The server can send some orders to my application u... 19 Jun 2005 22:59
With Win2k I can use PsSetLoadImageNotifyRoutine but there is no link to the PsRemoveLoadImageNotifyRoutine. But if I use the first I also HAVE to use the second in order to avoid a BSOD when i dischard the driver. What I can do in order to use the PsSetLoadImageNotifyRoutine and avoid a blue screen? ... 10 Jun 2005 11:07
Adding printer ports
I've created a printer driver based off the Bitmap sample in the LDK. It basically sends bitmap data to a separate processing DLL. When installing it via the INF, I create a new Local Port and it works great. When I create a port using the AddPort() or AddPortEx() API, the port is created but nothing gets pr... 9 Jun 2005 16:34
Linker error LNK4210
Hey all, I just installed DDK build 3790.1830 (from DDC) and I am getting the following linker error when I use the Server 2003 build environments to build my driver's property-page DLL. BufferOverflowU.lib(gs_support.obj) : warning LNK4210: .CRT section exists; there may be unhandled static initializers or ... 12 Jun 2005 16:11
Direct show Filter
Is there any source filter for reading *. vob file format in Win CE 4.2 . Please let me know how to integrate with the directshow. Thanks, Regards, Johns. ... 12 Jun 2005 08:50
Access GPIO on W83627
I've been tasked with writing a GPIO driver for the Winbond 83627. This is my first foray into "big Windows" (I'm coming from the CE world), and also my first foray into x86 (coming from the ARM world). So the questions are probably pretty basic, but any insight you can provide would be much appreciated. The b... 9 Jun 2005 01:11
get unicode character OEMTextOut
Hello all, Someone could help me on how to get the unicode character in the OEMTextOut implementation when (pstro->flAccel & SO_GLYPHINDEX_TEXTOUT) is true. Thanks in advance ... 2 Jun 2005 02:06
Programming style...
originated in the java corner, i have some difficulties to adapt the programming style used in the platform sdk and the ddk. therefore i'd like to know what you think about the way i handled some things. 1) device interface GUIDs not defined in a global header: i tried to find the GUID of disc type devices whic... 4 Jun 2005 20:20
I try to get signal strength and MAC's of all access points in user-mode. I try to make it without NDISUIO writing in pure C. I made a little app which uses WMI and Setup Api to find wireless network card. Unfortunately I do not know how to SET OID_802_11_BSSID_LIST_SCAN oid. Passing it to DeviceIoControl with IOC... 3 Jun 2005 14:36
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