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Can't serialize ArrayList
Hi guys I'm trying to serialize a class that includes an ArrayList member. Here's the class: [Serializable] public class InstantiationData { public string InstanceTaskAssignedTo; public string InstanceMailMsg; public DateTime InstanceDueDate; public Approvers A... 3 Nov 2009 07:06
Reading Folders
How would i go with using your class if i just wanted a count of all Folders on a drive ? Is the pattern for a Directory *.dir ? jiewa wrote: Hi Nick,Actually the Directory. 01-Apr-09 Hi Nick, Actually the Directory.GetFiles() method calls the Win32 FindFirstFile & FindNextFile functions to generate ... 1 Nov 2009 22:07
Assembly.LoadFile and Code Analysis warning CA2001
Jesse Houwing wrote: I've implemented a simple plug-in based file parser for a customer and I'm running into CA2001, which I'd like to solve. It would have behooved you to spell out what CA2001 was. Would've saved me a trip to Google. For the rest of us, it's "Avoid calling problematic methods", blackl... 31 Oct 2009 08:55
17 DDL Torrents DDL , GAMES, MUSIC, MOVIES,SOFTWARE Descargas Directa, Juegos Musica, Peliculas, Programas , Software +c_/)t/kD!<&bOgBA,@//JUMH ... 23 Oct 2009 07:47
17 Opinion
Hola mi opinion acerca de es bastante buena, gracias a estos chicos pude tener el cartucho para que mi hijo jugara a todos los juegos, que me descargo de internet. Fueron amables y me digeron donde descargarme los juegos y configurar la tarjeta. Me dieron un peque�o manual que para deciros la verdad, s... 16 Oct 2009 05:19
Linq to XML - managing xsd with multiple schemas
Hi all, I'm working with a XML file using a XSD with multiple schema hierarchy. For instance: this XSD schema imports other namespaces. I'm wondering if LINQ can manage this kind of XML file. I didn't find (or I'm not good to look for) an answer. Thanks... Ryuujin ... 14 Oct 2009 12:33
Serialization problem
I am trying to use binary serialisation to store and retrieve objects from file and to/from a database. This all seemed to work fine when running in the IDE, but when I build a release version of my application, it no longer reads the data from the files that I have generated, nor from the database that I have ... 4 Nov 2009 06:26
Supported image-formats by Windows.Media.BitmapDecoder?
Hello, how/where can i get witch image-formats are supported by the BitmapDecoder-Class on current PC? ... 5 Oct 2009 19:46
Beta Available for CAX, a caching API for XML
Xponent has released the first beta version of CAX, a caching API for XML. CAX extends the functionality of the .NET XmlReader, which is a fast XML pull parser. CAX buffers and caches XML as it is parsed and provides a cursor to all previously parsed XML. CursorMoveToParent and CursorMoveToRoot are two of the eig... 3 Oct 2009 16:37
Multi-dimension array and Property Grid control
An array with more than one dimension does not appear to display properly in the ProprtyGrid control. When I click the + to expand the entry, it displays "Array was not a one-dimensional array" which is correct but not very helpful. Will I need to implement my own custom property editor to do this? :-( ... 29 Sep 2009 11:54
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