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Setting Outlook 2003 as Default Mail Client
Outlook 2003 has been slowly falling apart for me. A week or so ago the spell check quite working. Now when I try to click on a picture to send it via e-mail it tells me I don't have a default mail client. I did not change any settings. How do I go in and make Outlook 2003 my default mail client? Thanks... 9 Jan 2010 11:53
Can anybody tell me exactly how to network my computer to att.uver
Should I have 2 cat 5 cables runnning from the back of my computer to the residential gateway. One for my broadband connection and one to network my computer to the dmr's (cable boxes sitting on the TV"S) going also to the residential gateway. I can't get my TV"S to see my computer and my computer to share... 6 Jan 2010 16:35
Screensaver won't work
I want to use my pictures as my screensaver like I did in XP. I now have Vista and it won't work. The screensaver will not turn off - it just keeps going on. I taked to techs for hours and they can't figure it out. Any ideas? ... 11 Jan 2010 04:20
Looking for SMS, email, fax Notification library
We are developing an ASP .NET application which needs to send notifications to users through channels like SMS/email/fax, etc. depending on the preference of the receiving user. We are looking for a library that has methods for sending the notifications asynchronously so that the calling program does not wait until... 30 Dec 2009 06:33
How can I have [DefaultValue(Environment.NewLine)] in C#?
hi How can I have this in c# (or any equivalent code that does the same thing): [DefaultValue(Environment.NewLine)] or [DefaultValue(f())] f() is a function that returns a value. ... 31 Dec 2009 06:38
Economical Auction Site
-- Looking to make money at selling items on the web? Give us a try at We are economical and cheaper then our competitors. To unsubscribe, please reply with unsubscribe in the subject line. ... 24 Dec 2009 23:46
Help with TCP Server.
Michael Ober wrote: The code below appears to work, but it eventually freezes and I have to reboot the server. Killing and restarting the program itself doesn't work as the listener socket is still bound. For what it's worth, if you wait for the TCP CLOSE_WAIT to finish, you'll be able to restart the s... 19 Dec 2009 10:31
Reflection and compiler inlining
Hi all, Does anyone know if making calls to System.Reflection.MethodBase.GetCurrentMethod is reliable in an optimised, Release Build .NET app? I know the JITter can do some inline optimisations, and if it does will GetCurrentMethod reflect the calling method (i.e. the one this method was inlined into), or t... 13 Dec 2009 18:43
[ANN] IronPython Training in New York, January 21st 2010
Hello all, In association with Holdenweb Training [1] I'll be doing some IronPython training in New York in January (21st). The course is called "IronPython from the Ground Up": Course details: Michael Foord is an early adopter of IronPython, having used it for (among ... 6 Dec 2009 10:37
how to automatically reset tabs in sourcecode
Hi I worked for several years with visual studio and i'm loving it. One thing I noticed is that, when creating asp pages, the source code is but of a mess... Tabs are automaticlly at random inserted. Opening statements are in most causes not on the same tab level as the closing statements. Is there a funct... 6 Dec 2009 15:04
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