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code to copy range
Hi anyone, I�m having two sheets in my workbook where I have named them as �Receipt� & �Price Range�. I'm searching for a formula that would copy the appropriate price range for the specific age and "gender" in the receipt sheet in the workbook. Suppose if the age is written in the cell "B2" and "gender" as e... 2 May 2010 09:51
Format Ratio Q
How can I express below in a ratio format? It returns an invalid error. If I was to just do it without the text, I'd simply FORMAT, custom 0.0" :1", but it doesn't seem to work that way here. Any suggestions? ="don't "&TEXT(C14/D14,"0.0" :1"") ... 1 May 2010 12:04
sort 2 column in the same time "" as dictionary ""
Hello all I need to make sort of pages to be like a dictionary is that possible I put a test file on the next link I need to sort the 2 yellow column ,to be alphapetic page by page appreciate for help me Thanks Mahmoud ... 1 May 2010 09:49
Using Fill command in Editing Group
Hi, I am trying to find more info on how to use the functions on the Fill Command in the Editing group especially regarding dates as I cannot seem to get this to work. I know how to fill using the drag handle but would also like to use the fill command. If anyone can guide me to a site which discusses ... 1 May 2010 12:04
Thanks (I'll try it with line-breaks, eh?)
Dana, thanks for this posting - At first, I was getting Error 1004 (Unable to call the "SeriesSum" worksheet function), but then attempted it with the variants changed to doubles, and 41 iterations (dunno why, I'm not financial, just programmatical..). Outcome is, it is a tidy function, which works unfailing... 1 May 2010 04:25
how do i use format cells to alpha / numeric values
HAVE A STRING OF DATA i WANT TO ENTER into a cell, but I also want to set format to set the values. eg. if I put in asd123 I want it to appear as ASD123 but there are also occasions when I will put in a different mix of letters/numbers a12s3d, which I also want to come out as A12S3D. I can do this in Access but... 1 May 2010 03:20
Macro for Time Recording
hi, I want to record current time into cell(A2) when cell (A1) does contain value with macro. I want to record it automaticaly without using any shortkey or tab, Please help. ... 1 May 2010 12:04
Excel and consecutive number
Is there a way to have excel locate a set number of consecutive non-zero numbers and give me an average of those numbers? trying to get around this problem: 5 largest consecutive non-zero numbers of the last 10 non-zero terms hope there is some help out there for me ... 3 May 2010 17:37
IF Function Help
This is what I need to accomplish in H15: IF D30=0,0 IF E15/D45 = J30 return the value of E15/D45 otherwise "Error" I've been playing with this for some time but just can't seem to get it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, -- Dewayne ... 4 May 2010 10:06
Logical Test for blank and then for score
I am trying to score results - M4 = test criteria (e.g. 5) - O4 = test result (blank or a number .001 to 9999) - P4 = scoring (if the result is blank, retun a blank in P4. if result is less than test criteria set P4 to 100, else 0) I need to check for blank and return a blank so that when I total the scores,... 30 Apr 2010 19:41
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