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Keeping the format but update the data
I have a report I run everyday. I want to update the data, but keep the column sizes and formatting. Any suggestions? Anybody suggest a good ebook to become more formuliar with excel? JoeM ... 29 Apr 2010 15:49
If column A = B then pick up value in D.
Hi I have a problem. I have two columns in different spreadsheets: A B D 27238-2807 27736-1321 D1 27736-1321 27238-2807 D2 27736-1321 27736-1321 D3 2773... 28 Apr 2010 09:29
Establishing a Time Window
Hi Everyone I am trying to create a formula that will provide one of the following: Arrival Window: 40 Mins = 20 Mins Early to 20 Mins Late. So this is what I have tried, but it does not equate to "On TIme" '=IF($Z2=0,"ATTENTION",IF($Z2<$AB2,"EARLY",IF($Z2>$AB2<$AD2,"ON TIME","LATE"))) Row 1 is reserve... 28 Apr 2010 07:15
To deal with #NA
i want to stop the #N/A showing in my cells where the VLookup has been used is it possiblt to stop them from showing when a a lookup value is not yet available. ... 28 Apr 2010 02:52
How to find the custom xml tags in a workbook
We have work books where a user designs a layout using a xsd schema, & we populate the data in those fields. Problem is I need to find where each of the custom xml ( from the schema) is placed, is there a way to find it, given the element name or even get all the elements & iterate thru them. Cyril ... 28 Apr 2010 01:48
How do I fix loosing 1st digit in zip code in mail merge?
The answers in the article are only for Office 2003. How do you do it with Office 2007? Thanks "Debra Dalgleish" wrote: There's an article on the Microsoft web site that might help you: Answer Box: Numbers don't merge right in Word 27 Apr 2010 22:27
Drop Down Menu AutoPopulate Contact Info?
I have a template for filling out quotes and I was looking to create a drop down menu with all of the names of customers that I regularly send out quotes to (it's about 20 people). I have figured out how to make a drop down list with a bunch of names but I would like it so that when I select a name from the dro... 27 Apr 2010 22:27
How do I set a constant multiplier in an equation?
When using excel to make a spread sheet with list prices, net prices with constant multipkiers, How do I set a constant multiplier in an equation? The old excel used the $ befor the cell to do this. ... 27 Apr 2010 21:20
How can I merge unprotected cells in a protected worksheet?
I have a protected worksheet that allows users to edit unprotected cells. Each cells can be formatted but not merge. ... 27 Apr 2010 20:14
if function help
i am trying to create an if function that will sum data in a column if the cell value is between certain values. This works for sum if greater than, =ifsum(b:4:b14,"<366",e4:E14) When I try to have the sum of E4:e14 if b4:b14 is between 151 and 366 I am unable to get the criteria written correctly. HELP! -- T... 28 Apr 2010 20:53
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