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When I search on my name "Meenie" I don't get 2010 posts
Why don't 2010 posts come up in search? I know this isn't actually about excel - but excel is what I usually post about and I don't see a place to ask about the way this board works. :) But when I enter my name "meenie" into the search box it shows posts I've made and posts I've answers from 2006 through 2009, ... 5 May 2010 18:17
need formula to add two different criteria in a range
I want to count the number of "yes" in a range and the number of "n/a" in a range and get that total. If I enter =sum(if(range,"yes"+"n/a")) I get "#Value" If I enter =sum(if(range,"yes")+(range,"n/a")) I get "formula contains an error" I've tried several variations on this with sum, sumif, count, counta, cou... 29 Apr 2010 19:14
sumif formula
I have a summary sheet and a detail sheet. On the summary sheet I am trying to sum columns (E - O) from the detail sheet that are less than or equal to a date for a specific account in column A on the detail sheet. The problem is that I do not know the row that the account falls on. So far I have SUMIF(Bud... 29 Apr 2010 11:15
result given from content of selected cells.
is there any way to give a result in one cell from the content of other selected cells. scenario: i am trying to create a spreadsheet to work out my current grades for college. what i am wanting to do is create a function that takes the value from a selection of cells (ex. B1:B7) and give a result if the cont... 29 Apr 2010 11:15
Dragging values down a range using a colum to determine its length
Is is possible to write a macro that drags values (or formuals) down a column to the length of an adjacent column, like when you double click on little square in the right corner of the box that indicates when a cell is selected? For this question, I need the formula or data that is in the selected cell to rep... 29 Apr 2010 12:25
How does one put a watermark in an Excel worksheet?
Not even sure if it is possible but would like to put a watermark in an excel worksheet... HOW can it be done? step by step? -- Newellmyra ... 29 Apr 2010 11:15
Imperial Weights in Excel
How do you use Imperial Weights in Excel, to allow formula for adding up weights to use in pie charts etc. imperial weight measuring in stones. pounds and fractions, eg 14st 8 1/4 lbs ... 29 Apr 2010 11:15
Counting Characters In A String
Hi I am trying to manipulate some data strings and I want to count how many times the characters '(' and ')' occur in each of the data strings on my spreadsheet. I have tried some simple options but am unable to achieve the result I want. I would be very grateful if anyone is able to provide me with a meth... 29 Apr 2010 06:46
Advanced Data Filter
How can I generate a count number series on entries recurring on my worksheet; e.g i have a data sheet with the following data appearing x x x a a g g g g g What I require is a number series to be generated against each occurrence;i.e. x 1 x 2 x 3 a 1 a 2 g 1 g 2 g 3 g 4 ... 29 Apr 2010 04:36
Adding data from multiple cell and linking to a new worksheet
I have data in a sheet with names and amounts due. Like A 500 B 300 A 600 B 300 C 400 C 200 There is a second sheet named summary. I want the totals of each person to appear in the summary sheet. These should be linked cells and any change in data in sheet 1 should be updtaed automatically ... 29 Apr 2010 08:59
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