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% of subtotal in pivot tables
Hello Does anyone know of a way I can create %s of subtotals in a pivot table - instead of % of grand total. I need to create a table from a cube which has salary by region over time with the number of people in each salary range as a percentage of the region. I have tried using the % Of setting but it comes u... 19 Feb 2010 21:07
Help with Table, Please!
I have a spreadsheet that is 3604 rows & 6 columns. Column E has only hyperlinks to URL's. I have filtered my data via column B. I tried to A-Z Column A. When I do, the hyperlinks do not stay with the data. The mask looks correct but when you scroll over the hyperlink you see a completely different URL.????? Can an... 18 Feb 2010 18:30
duplicate values
I have a spreadsheet that has duplicate values for a series of items throughout an engineering bill of material. I need to calculate total demand. Col Item qty a b 12 5001 2,000 215 5001 1,005 367 5001 6,000 My total Demand for item 2001 is 9,005ea. ... 18 Feb 2010 15:08
Linking worksheets
I have a customer list on one worksheet and a vehicle list on another worksheet. On both worksheets I have a customer number that is common between both - I need to combine these worksheets matching the information based on the customer number - help please. ... 18 Feb 2010 15:08
Can I pull Data from a list by store # and quantity
Can I pull store #'s to another spreadsheet along with quantity of items? I have a Distribution spreadsheet with a list of 100 store #'s. I fill out the quantities of the items they each will recieve. The description transfers to another spreadsheet that is used to make tags for the product. sometimes, certain s... 18 Feb 2010 12:51
Hide Unhide option
In Excel 2003, if I right clicked on a sheet, the option to hide or unhide is missing from here. I know that the option is in Format, but the option was also here, how do I get it back please? ... 18 Feb 2010 11:43
Excel runs slow
Hi - I have a simple spreadseet with one formula, 30 rows of data. However each time that I change the cell and select a different cell, excels is delayed. It appears to be processing because the hour glass appears on the screen. It all takes approx 10 seconds everytime i hit enter after I select a celll. ... 19 Feb 2010 02:13
Ignore Zero's - Percentile
Hi I have used the following to get the average value from a set of data whilst ignoring zero values within the data set. =SUM(K4:AP4)/COUNTIF(K4:AP4,">0") I would like to use the percentile command on the same set of data. Is there a way that I can use Percentile and also ignore zero values ? Many Thanks... 18 Feb 2010 10:36
V Lookup
Why when using a V Lookup do I get the result from the row above that required? =VLOOKUP("Greater London",range1,2,0) The answer should be 29 but I am getting the contents of the cell above. ... 18 Feb 2010 10:36
Smaller than 0 to return a 0 result
Every tenant gets one free go per week. I need to create a formula where where any negative numbers are returned as a '0' result. ('01'!C3+'02'!C3+'03'!C3+'04'!C3+'05'!C3+'06'!C3+'07'!C3-1) Returns a -1 result. I need it to return '0' answer. ... 18 Feb 2010 08:21
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