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Sorting complex worksheets
Hard to explain what I need, but I have a complex worksheet full of conditional formatting and linked data. I need a way of 'anchoring' a number of rows (inclusive of all cells within each row) to a specific cell in just one row, so that any sort function performed can sort the worksheet using this one specifi... 24 Feb 2010 08:38
Should be simple
I want to show a result of a formula contained in another workbook. This should surely be a simple formula such as: =[Samplebook_A.xlsm]A!$AA$11 I am getting zero returned when 1 is the result. Am I missing something obvious. Gotroots ... 24 Feb 2010 06:27
Excel 2007 Macro/VB Question DDE Question
Hi, So I have a column of cells that are the combination of a other cells in the row and a result of a few "if functions." The value comes out exactly as planned however in order for the data to be sent to the DDE server I need to press F2, go the beginning of the cell to insert an "=" sign and then press enter. I ... 9 Mar 2010 21:32
Count for text
Hi, I believe this is very simple, but i fail to make it works. A 1. text 2. number 3. text 4. text 5. #N/A 6. etc... 50. I want to count all "text" for column A, please help. i use =COUNT(IF(ISTEXT(A1:A50);(A1:50) but result is 1 , not as i expected. Kind Regards, ... 25 Feb 2010 08:03
How do i change a digit into word i,e 1 = one
Hello! It is Hari Krishna, RAIPUR when ever i using the Excel it is probleamitic for me do a single work two times, first i write a digit then in words like 100 then in words like one hundred so, i want to minimise my work. pls help ... 24 Feb 2010 03:10
Add another value to a named range
Hi, I have a named range which refers to the contents of a pivot table. The range works fine and is used in a drop-down lookup (based on data validation). Essentially, a user picks a value from the list and this runs a macro. Thing is, I have been asked to extend the functionality of my spreadsheet and need t... 24 Feb 2010 00:58
Sorting failure
I searched by Google about whether Excel can sort more than 65535 rows but the result is confusing. Does anybody encounter the same situation as mine that some rows remain unsort when you are sorting a large table with, say, > 100,000 rows? ... 23 Feb 2010 21:39
List of Contents by Criteria
Hello, I would like to have a list of items that meet a certain criteria displayed on a separate area of my spreadsheet. To elaborate, if anyone in cells E6:E26="Qualified", then the contents of Cells C6:C26 should be listed in C30:C50. And obviously if they are not Qualified, they would not be listed in C3... 24 Feb 2010 23:19
Could you possibly have a solution for me. My information is downloaded into excel. When it does it gives the workbook a number as the name of the worksheet. I run a macro and that's no problem, but I wanting to use an additional macro that will add additional worksheets and do other calculations. When I tr... 23 Feb 2010 20:32
Hiding/Unhiding Rows Automatically
I think I need a Macro which accomplishes the same task: as the following formula would, except I can't find a HIDE or UNHIDE function to include in a formula. =IF(B24=4, UNHIDE Rows 10-25, IF(B24<4, HIDE Rows 10-25)) The Protected Workbook / Worksheet should OPEN with Rows 10-25 HIDDEN, but with Macro ru... 23 Feb 2010 19:24
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