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telling outlook not to download email from account
is there a way in outlook express to tell it not to download mail from a particular account? In wndows mail its simply a check under do not include .... but I can't for the life of me find it in Microsofts Outlook Express?? ... 3 Jun 2010 12:18
Outlook 7 display all tasks including repeated
In Outlook 7 tasks when you have a repeated task only the next task is diplayed. How do I change that so all tasks are displayed. For example if I have a task repeated every week and I look three weeks ahead to see what tasks are scheduled for that day it is not indicated. -- John07726 ... 2 Jun 2010 17:37
Adding an address to a Contact List
The client is using Outlook 2003 SP2. I know you can click on an email address in an email and add it as a contact to my main Contacts list. Is there a way to do the same task but add it to my other Contact Lists already setup as an addressbook...? Thanks, Tom... ... 3 Jun 2010 07:51
Outlook 2007 with Virgin Gmail
Hi Does anyone know if Outlook 2007 will work ok with Virgin's dreadfull new Gmail? I have tried Live mail and Thunderbird but they are unreliable and Virgin wont offer support. I have Home and Student 2007 and will add Outlook 2007 if it works. (There does not seem to me a Outlook trial on its own anymore) ... 2 Jun 2010 18:43
can't turn off Reading Layout--no "General" box in Tools/Optio
"Brian Tillman" wrote: saintnewbie <saintnewbie(a)> wrote: I'm trying to turn off the Reading Layout for attachments in Outlook, so I don't get pages in split-screen format. The Help recommendation is to go to Tools/Options, then to the "General" tab, and click on ... 2 Jun 2010 14:17
how can i delete mulitiple emails at once?
new to this...thank you ... 2 Jun 2010 05:29
outgoing messages are not saved in the Sent Folder
Although I have the Option "Save messages in the "Sent Folder" checked my outgoing emails are NOT being saved. I have Outlook 2010 using Windows 7 (x64). Does anyone have a suggestion? ... 1 Jun 2010 21:55
Outlook 2007 & IMAP
I've added an IMAP account to my Outlook 2007 (in addition to my main Exchange account). Right now, all incoming mail is in the Inbox. All sent mail is in the Inbox. And deleted messages don't get deleted... they stay in the Inbox with a line through them. I'd like to have sent messages go to a Sent folder, an... 2 Jun 2010 08:44
How do I set up a new email address for the first time?
I'm new to using Outlook and need to set up an email address for the first time. It cannot find my settings automatically and I'm not sure what to do with the manual settings. Can someone please help?? ... 1 Jun 2010 16:26
new mail desktop alert for custom folder
Hi all, I created a new folder in my Mailbox. It's possible to activate new mail desktop alert mfor this folder? How can i do that? Thank you! -- wasssu ... 1 Jun 2010 08:39
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