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Time in Seconds Only
Hi All, I have to enter a bunch of times that are less than 1 minute. Is there an easier way to enter times than 0:0:15? I would like to just enter 15 and have it recognize that it is 15 seconds, not hours. Thanks Chad ... 6 May 2010 13:06
how do i stop excel from converting numbers entered into a date
everytime i enter a number into a cell excel converts it into a date i need that data to stay as entered ... 6 May 2010 18:45
If condition with text
I need a formula for the following condition: If text equals (word) then enter 1, if text equal (word 2) then enter 0 This is the formula I tried to used but is not working =IF(OR(LEFT(O2,6)="Coping",LEFT(O2,5)="Paver",O2=""),0,1) Then I need another formula that works with the one above for the following co... 6 May 2010 10:48
Formula to breakdown original amount with two components to th
Thanks Niek. Unfortunately, I cannot utilize more than 2 decimal places as the amounts represent dollars and cents that need to be split out to different accounts, to which I cannot charge a fraction of a cent. I was hoping to find a formula that would look at the all of the broken down figures by component a... 6 May 2010 15:24
How can I restore a column that was deleted by mistake
How can I restore a column that was deleted by mistake after I have saved the document. Can one go back to a previous saved version stored in excel somewhere. Although I don't think it is actually possible, I have to at least ask if it is possible. ... 6 May 2010 13:05
Count of numerical values within a cell
Dear, I am looking for a formula which counts only the numerical values within a cell ignoring the special characters, text and anything else and gives the result in column B using a formula. Below is the example. A1 B1 ... 6 May 2010 10:48
each cell have same number of charaters
I need to ensure each cell has 8 characters throughout a column . ... 6 May 2010 09:40
Convert Date string to date format
I have some date strings I need to convert to date format. For example im trying to convert strings like "200910" to Oct-2009. I tried using something like this to do it but I get an error: Cell A4: "200910" this is the date string to be converted Cell B4: =left(a4,4)&","&right(a4,2)&","&"01" changes to "2009,1... 6 May 2010 15:24
how to apply Warning massage
how to apply Warning massage so that a wrning massage should pop-up while comparing two mismatched values ... 6 May 2010 10:48
Excel Drop Down lists
I've created a spreadsheet with a drop down list, however, i want the user to be able to select an from a list of options, which would then poplulate the cell with an associated code If they selected "slate" from the list below, the information put into the cell would be SL, any idea or advice on how i do th... 6 May 2010 08:33
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