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Filter by Color
Is it possible to filter by color, or to use a pivot table and be able to filter by color? ... 10 May 2010 17:41
importing contacts from excel to Outlook error
I have an Excel spreadsheet of my contacts, and when in Outlook, I am trying to import them into contacts there. I get the following: file has no named ranges. in Excel, name the range of date you want to import. I am using Office 2007 and would appreciate any help here. Thanks ... 10 May 2010 17:41
Number of pages in worksheet doesn't match Print Preview pages
I have a 16-page worksheet. When I try to print or go into print preview, it shows the document is 160 pages. Upon review, it looks like it's just printing 10 copies of the 16 page worksheet, but ONLY 1 COPY is chosen. This doesn't happen with any other file/worksheet, and can't find why on this one. ... 10 May 2010 17:41
too many columns for screen can't see all
Suddenly, all of my excel files now have around 30 columns, even if I try to start a new book. The columns take up so much space I can't even get a slider to display. It's also done this with all of my old files, meaning I can't use them. I tried deleting the empty and superfluous columns, but that just make... 11 May 2010 12:18
Resize columns wider for pick list
I have some code that widens certain colums when clicked upon so I can see the pick list entire width but don't need the column to stay that width after selecting the pick list. The code works correctly, however I don't need it to apply to the entire column, only to certain cells or a range. The code is below. ... 11 May 2010 11:11
how do I convert a spreadsheet to landscape format?
how do I convert a spreadsheet to landscape format? ... 11 May 2010 12:18
small type when printed
My worksheet is compressed to really tiny print when I print it to a printer or pdf Create. Only one tab is small print. I can not see anything in page set-up or formatting that would cause this problem. ... 10 May 2010 22:08
How to expand a collapsed column on excel worksheet?
I have two columns that I cant see (H and I). I want to see the value in them. How do I bring them back? ... 10 May 2010 15:27
Counting numeric but not Alpha
I have three columns and two rows (to make this easy). The first row of cells are blank. The second row uses a VLOOKUP that pulls a number based on a name entered into the first row. The first two columns have a name but the third is left blank (example I am looking up only two names at the time and not thre... 10 May 2010 16:34
Highlight cell colour
In Excel 2007, when selecting different cells they are highlighted a light gray. How do I change that to a darker colour so that the selected cells are easier to see? ... 11 May 2010 11:11
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