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Hyperlink in footer
Hi there, I am experiencing this in Excel 2007 or it's just too blud-e early in the morning to realize my own stupidity. I am trying to add a hyperlink to text in a footer by right-clicking but no menu pops up as it would in normal text in a cell. Is there another way to do this? Thank you in advance as usual!... 13 May 2010 13:50
In a cell, Why are texts aligned to the left and numbers aligned to the right in MS Excel spreadsheet? ... 12 May 2010 00:30
Two date validations
How do I create two validation rules for one cell containing a date? 1. The date (Cell A1) must be between a certain range (12/01/2009 and 12/31/2012). 2. The date must not be greater than Cell A2. So far I got the first rule working, but I can't figure out how to do both. Any advice would be greatly ap... 11 May 2010 21:15
How to insert an Excel landscape document into a portrait Word doc
I have a Word document in portrait style and need to insert an Excel Spreadsheet which is in landscape. Is that possible? ... 12 May 2010 10:16
shrink excel page to print out standard size
I would like to print out an excel page on to a standard sheet of paper. Can not figure it out. ... 11 May 2010 20:09
Pivot table - value field settings - default?
Is there a way to set the value field to a default, like SUM versus COUNT? Having to redo this on every single value in the pivot table is irritating . .. . help! Thanks! ... 12 May 2010 04:49
Must I use IRM to protect an entire workbook?
I'm trying to protect an entire workbook so that the forumlae will be hidden from view. I would rather not protect each individual sheet, using a password for each sheet. However when I try to use the Protect Workbook I'm taken to sign up for IRM and I don't know why I must? Is there no way to protect an ent... 11 May 2010 19:03
Create Range from Range
Excel VBA: Let's say I have a range object set to be from B2:F6, and i need to make another range object to be the last row of my original range. (New range to be B6:F6) How would i go about doing this? I tried the .Resize option, but that only works from the top left cell of a range. DK ... 11 May 2010 20:09
I am using excel 2000 I am trying to use two columns to make the end result have a number in it I am not sure how to word it but I need S2 and R2 to reference the vlookup chart and give me the number that corresponds with it =vlookup(S2,R2,$H$1:$M$4,3,false) -- Message posted via ... 12 May 2010 00:30
Why does row one always appear at the top when page down
Opening sheet shows rows i to 36. When I page down the sheet shows row 1 at the top and then rows 37 to 71. The next page down and all subsequent key strokes will still show row one at the top of the sheet and then the next sequence of rows. What is wrong? ... 11 May 2010 16:48
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