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I know how to change colors in the palette, and I know how to copy a plalette from a workbook to use in another workbook. Instead of doing that, I would like to be able to modify the palette and save the modified palette as the "standard" one, i.e, the one that would come up whenever you open a new Excel workb... 12 May 2010 19:14
Forms - Combo Box
I'm working with a spreadsheet created by an unknown person. It has a Combo Box from the Forms menu on it. The point size in it is really tiny - like 3-points. Since the Forms Combo Box doesn't have properties associated with it, how do I alter the text size so it can be read? -- Susan ... 12 May 2010 18:07
Excel File search function
Can anyone suggest how to search for a numeric value randomly across a specific network drive to come up with the file it resides in ? I have two laptops with office 2003 . One will search a numeric value and find on specified drive , other will not. Both identicle versions and search preferences set the same ... 12 May 2010 17:00
Pivot Tables 2003 v 2007
So I have an odd question.. I have a pivot table (created in Excel 2003) that links to data (also created in Excel 2003). This Pivot Table has a report filter that allows me to select dates. Right now I do not have the "all" selected in this report filter but actually have the days selected. When I add new data... 12 May 2010 17:00
External Data Warning Message - I have No External Data in wrkbk
I have a question about Microsoft Excel, but I don't think it's an issue to call into the help desk. I have been working today and yesterday on building a new template for my SAP Part Tracking Process. I finished it up today by adding Validation Lists [with names], Pivot Tables, and my regular part tracking ... 12 May 2010 17:00
Version Upgrade
I been using excel 2000 for many years now. I have searched the forums and the internet about the other versions I know I do not want to upgrade to 2007. I have not found too much info on 2003 would anyone have a complete listing or know if it would be better to upgrade to 2003 from 2000. I only use the basic funct... 12 May 2010 19:14
Pivot Table Duplicate January
I have a column in my original data that uses the formula =TEXT(D11,"mmmm") to generate the month name, so that I can filter my pivot table by month. For some reason the filter option on my pivot table gives 3 separate January's and only one of those actually shows data. The other two show nothing. ( this only... 12 May 2010 19:14
date check with exchange rate
Hi, I have below information Cell A=dates Cell B =Amount Cell C= CurrencyYEN or USD Cell D= CDN equivalanet ( formula) Pick data Cell G=dates Cell H=USD Cell I=Yen =ROUND(IF($G$5<=A7,$H$5*B7,IF($G$4<=A7,$H$4*B7,IF($G$3<=A7,$H$3*B7,IF($G$2<=A7,$H$2*B7)))),2) I want the formula to check for what type of c... 12 May 2010 15:53
Number format
Hello Can anyone help on this small query. I want to enter a year in a cell in this format "2006/07" I have several cells linked to this which will then populate in steps i.e. based on the year I have entered they will increase annually thus 2007/08, 2008/09 et seq. Can this be done? Many thanks Mars ... 13 May 2010 17:10
VLOOKUP formula displays in cell, will not return data
I had an older version of Excel (97 maybe?) and our office updated to 2007. Now my vlookup will not return data. The vlookup formula appears in the cell or I get the NA#. I've formatted my lookup cells and table to General but still get the same result. ... 12 May 2010 15:53
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