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Look for Oldest date among different dates
Hi all, I badly need your help in the below formula Example: Structure : Account includes Sub-accounts and each sub-account includes dials Formula : Account activation date = Oldest Sub-account activation date where there is more than one account and hence different activation date for each account and in ... 16 May 2010 17:56
Practice Test Using Excel
I want to design a practice test for my students, who need to memorize -- verbatim -- a list of 37 characteristics. I would like to use an Excel 2007 spreadsheet to allow them to practice. Ideally, the practice spreadsheet would possess the following characteristics, based upon text-based input: - keyboarding th... 22 May 2010 13:52
Macro help
Hi, i need to modify this macro to insert a picture based on a value in cell "A1" Can this be done? Thanks! Sub Add_Picture() ' ' Application.ScreenUpdating = False 'varible Picture1 is inserted down below - ***change both*** Picture1 = Application.GetOpenFilename("Picture,*.JPG,Pict... 18 May 2010 12:35
Simple Form Entry not workin
I have been using a workbook for several years that takes advantage of the ribbon based form that uses table headings as form labels. Stupidly, I merged some cells (actually not in the data entry area but adjacent to it). Immediately I began to get the message that form entry cannot be used on merged cells. I r... 16 May 2010 07:02
Macro to display
Hi, i need to write in A1 a number and a macro to search in a folder for a picture with this name and then to display this picture. If i write 22942 and run the macro, then the macro to search in a folder and to find and display in curent sheet, the picture 22942. Can this be done? Thanks! ... 18 May 2010 12:35
Cracking VBAProject Password
Dear Group Is it possible to crack a VBAProject password? If yes, are there any add-in tools that do so? Cheers Lacty ... 16 May 2010 05:57
Hi I'm trying to develop a system that will drag out a 16 week roster from a monthly (annual)schedule. I have seven worksheets, One illustrates an commencement of the week that the classes commence. The second details the week commencing& the days of that week (and is summarized into months, (eleven months ... 16 May 2010 07:02
I have a worksheet for 37 addresses, showing various charges I need to produce a single invoice for each address Any help please ... 17 May 2010 08:02
combining data in multiple cells
is it possible to combine data from more than 2 cells without losing the data from the cells? i know i can concatenate 2 cells, but what about data from 3 or more cells? ... 15 May 2010 17:00
pivot table space question
I have a pivot table with 3 months of data which takes up about 44M bytes. I want to use this spreadsheet as a template to create a new spreadsheet with a pivot table for the next month's data. When I do this the new ss had roughly the same size as the 3 month ss. Since I only have 8K rows in the new ss versus 2... 15 May 2010 18:06
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