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Conditional Formatting Multiple Cells
Forgive me if I have already posted this and just can't see it... I would like to format multiple cells but the format painter did not work correctly for me. Formula - if column C is less than column H cell is red. I have done this for one cell and now need to copy to all cells. ... 18 May 2010 02:46
***Conditional Formatting Multiple Cells***
Now that I have figured out how to conditionally format one cell, how do I format multiple cells in the same manner? I've tried using the formatter "paintbrush" and that just turned all the cells in the column red instead of those that match the formula. Formula - if column C is less than column H make that c... 17 May 2010 20:14
Fill handle increments year instead of day
I'm trying to use the fill handle to fill a series of dates one day at a time. The cells are formatted as dates, and the first few are filled like this: May-17-2010 May-18-2010 May-19-2010 If I select the first cell and drag the fill handle down, I get: May-17-2010 May-17-2011 May-17-2012 If I select the fi... 17 May 2010 20:14
Linking sheets which must update the date first Excel 2007
I have 50 clients, each with an Accounts Recievable worksheet. Past due is determined by using the =now and =today functions. This information is then linked to Master sheet which displays all 50 clients at one time. The problem is: When I open the Master sheet, the dates on the 50 'feeder' sheets do not upda... 17 May 2010 20:14
formula for cash on cash payback
how do you create a formula for cash on cash payback in months? ... 17 May 2010 16:55
something happened to all my work from this morning
I went to lunch and when I came back my system was logged off and all of my excel work from this morning was gone. ... 18 May 2010 13:41
finding common denominator
I am trying to find a common denominator of certain numbers. What formula do I use? Thanks! ... 17 May 2010 20:14
Formula help or suggestions??
I need to sum all amounts by month posted (ex:April 2010 and May 2010 separately). My columns look like this: Col A ColB Date Amt 4/13/10 $100.00 4/14/10 $ 50.00 5/2/10 $200.00 5/5/10 $8.00 Would love any help anyone can p... 17 May 2010 13:33
can I use IF with SUMPRODUCT?????
I have the following formula, =(SUMPRODUCT(--($E$2:$E$495>50000),--($E$2:$E$495<75001),$D$2:$D$495)/SUMPRODUCT(--($E$2:$E$495>50000),--($E$2:$E$495<75001))) Which is calculating averages of property values between specified ranges. I would like to be able to drill further into this data by grouping the avera... 19 May 2010 10:28
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