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don't want cell numbers to change when pasting formulas
Hi all! I wrote a payroll program in excel, but when I try to make a "template" and copy it I find that it automatically adjusts the cell numbers, which I do not want it to do. I have tried pasting and pasting "special" and cannot get it to just paste the formula without adjusting the cell numbers. ... 18 May 2010 15:54
Excel links
I am generating a spreadsheet in excel 2007 and sending it to one of my subs. They then take info from my sheet and from another sheet and link it to a third sheet that is in excel 2003. The problem arises when she sends the spreadsheet with the new links back. We open the sheet in 2007 and we the pound sign an... 18 May 2010 15:54
Formula returned instead of result
from downloaded file, in A1 have CS1234567 and want the numbers only, used value(mid(a1,2,7)) and instead of 1234567, it returned formula value(mid(a1,2,7)) . formatted the col for number, and general with same formula returned. Also deleted column then added column with same result. ... 18 May 2010 17:02
Hope this is easy
How do I combine an alpha character from one cell with a numeric value in another cell and display the result in a 3rd cell like this: Cell A1 = B Cell B1 = 2 Cell C1 should equal B2 Not the sum of the cells, just the actual value "B2". Thanks. ... 18 May 2010 14:48
Merging reports
I have 2 reports that are being generated from a system. I need to merge the information in both into one report and unfortunately the system cannot do it that way since it is pulling information from 2 separate tables. The common field between the 2 is name. However, in one the name is reported in two sep... 18 May 2010 14:48
Need help with a formula, please!!!
Hello, I have 2 sheets; "Sheet1" & "Sheet2": Sheet1: Column A Column B Column C Part Number Qty. P/N & Qty. 10100 1 10100 Qty. 1 10200 1 10200 Qty. 1 10300 2 10300 Qty. 2 Qty. Note: Column "C" is the result of a formula joining columns "A" & "B". This is th... 18 May 2010 15:54
How to Import data from a different .xls file
I'm running Excel'97. Within the same directory I'm trying to import data into spreadsheet cell from a cell in a different .xls file. I've tried ='C:\Libraries\Documents\Spreadsheets\[Ron's_Budget_2010.xls]Expenses'!$A$2 but I get an error. Any ideas Thanks Ron_Marin(a) ... 18 May 2010 15:55
Display the days between start & end date columns
I have two columns one labeled start date, the other Date Completed. I have a third column where I need to display how many days it took to complete the process from start to finish. Do I need a macro? I have no idea how to format the third column to calculate the days between the other two. ... 18 May 2010 13:41
Hi, i need to open an excel file in html. I have an excel file on my computer that will be updated daily. I have an html file with a link to this file, but it only download the file when i click the link. When i click on this link, i need the xls file to be opened in the browser, in the same window or in anothe... 18 May 2010 12:35
How to delete a ' from front of data
I have a spreadsheet that needs to be converted here at work. The problem is that in a couple of columns such as 'South Dakota 'Illinois 'Nebraska You do not see the (') until you are in the cell, is there a global way to delete this? There are way to many to try and fix manually. Any help would be appreciat... 18 May 2010 12:35
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