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Copy filename from Excel 2010 Recent Workbooks to Clipboard
I often reuse recently opened workbooks in SQL Server Management Studio/SSIS. Please add the ability to copy a workbook name to the clipboard in the "Recent Workbooks" right click. Can this be included in a Windows Update? PS Love Excel 2010: great improvement and work! ---------------- This post is a su... 14 May 2010 18:20
Formula Question
What formula could I use to pull 03275 from the below contents of a cell? EA_1045_02949_03275 (John Doe) ... 15 May 2010 18:06
Press Enter and Move Back to Column A Automatically
I would like to be able to press Enter after I complete the entry in any cell in any column and have the Enter key take me back to Column A in the next row. This happens sometimes and I'd like to have it happen all the time. Excel versions 2003 and 2007. Thanks for your assistance in this matter. -- I Teac... 14 May 2010 20:31
Don Guillett ROCKS! is an Excel guru!
Thank you so much for the help! ... 14 May 2010 15:02
Formula for If "" AND "" are true...
I want to test to determine if the measurement in cell d1 is within tolerance. The required dimension is in cell a1 and the positive tolerance is in cell b1, the negative tolerance in cell c1, Pass/Fail is entered to cell e1. I would like the formula in cell e1 to be of the order of if d1 is <a1+b1 and >a1-... 14 May 2010 15:02
Sheet Names Disappeared
The sheet names disappeared....I went to Excel Options and they are turned on for the WB and Sheets still they don't appear HELP ... 14 May 2010 21:36
column widths keep changing in shared file
I created a file and set the default column widths to 14 characters. I then shared the file so that my co-workers and boss could edit the file. Since it's been shared, a portion of the column widths went back to the Excel default of 8.43. I can't seem to get it to stay at 14. It causes the data to show up a... 14 May 2010 17:14
Obtain days in a given year
Is there a fuction to return the days in a given year? Entry Return 2008 366 2010 365 Igbert ... 15 May 2010 06:09
Summing several IF's in a column.
Is there an easy way to Sum from a Column within a Logical Operator? Two Columns. First Either says "Vacant" or says the name of the tenant. Second is the Rent Amount. The Logical Operator is IF (B4<>"Vacant",D4,0). But I want to add up the entire column (when Operator is true) within the function. The on... 14 May 2010 15:02
Find a number in Excel file using search
I am trying to do a Windows search to find an Excel file containing a specific number. I have looked luck. I did the File Search option within luck. There has to be a way to do this...any ideas? Thanks. ... 14 May 2010 19:26
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