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HPuserEdit Portable
Hi friends: Now, You can Donwload HPuserEdit on version Portable Download: ... 8 May 2010 12:18
Hptalx is buggy once calculator is plugged and linked
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Hi, Now that I know that my calculator is connected through ttyusb0, I have configured HpTalx. Nice, I clicked `Save' and it directly bugged (I had the bug-buddy tool which popped up). 'Was too good to be true, wasn't it? It now never starts normally: the bug-budd... 7 May 2010 13:22
How can I find the port which my HP 50g is connected to?
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Hi, I am currently trying to connect my HP 50g with my Debian Lenny (k. 2.6.26-2-686-bigmem), through HP Talx 1.3.1. When reading the readme for 49g+ models, I realized that a module had to be loaded. For kernels like 2.6.26 (i.e. those later than 2.6.14), the ... 7 May 2010 17:50
Graphics programming commands?
I'm trying to create a program to draw simple geometric shapes in perspective (or orthogonal) projection, along with text labels. What commands are available for drawing graphics? Does the calculator have built-in 3D drawing facilities, or do I have to calculate projection matrices on my own? I've looked into A... 7 May 2010 11:08
Round-Off Errors HP 48G
Hello, I rewrote a program named AREA that I posted previously on Sept. 9, 2009: Using suggestions by Jacob Wall and a code snippet written by Virgil, I came up with a more concise program that uses x, y values inp... 8 May 2010 12:18
RPN/RPL Calculator implementations, list of, regular post [long, FAQ]
On May 6, 4:17 pm, "Martin Krischik" <krisc...(a)> wrote: Am 21.04.2010, 02:57 Uhr, schrieb Craig A. Finseth <n...(a)>:      HP 45             name: HP 45              last changed/verified: 2008-10-17              version: 2.0(1)              environment: Jav... 6 May 2010 14:14
RPN/RPL Calculator implementations, list of, regular post [long,FAQ]
For Android operating system I found "droid48" to emulate a HP48GX. ... 27 May 2010 11:29
Multiple languages in a library
Hello, I am thinking about adding a language option to a larger library with many labels, messages, etc. and so far my options that I've thought of don't look that great. A few scenarios I've considered: 1. Have separate Debug4x projects for the "same" library, one for each language. The headaches involve... 6 May 2010 22:02
REVLIST Command HP 48G
Hello, Why is the REVLIST command so slow? Is there a faster method of reversing the order of objects in a list? Mark ... 4 May 2010 13:27
The inventor of the computer, Konrad Zuse - a novel
Dear hp48 members, for all of you who might be interested in the history of computers, their inventor, and his venturesome life... The computer was invented in 1933 by Konrad Zuse, in Berlin, Germany. The story of his life is quite intriguing. He built the first working computer, the "Z1" (Zuse 1) in the livin... 6 May 2010 19:50
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