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structure data
Please help me. I write coordinates in to the program GEOPRO on my PC in next form (number,y,x,height). And a send this file to my HP-50g. On my HP i change file format to LIST format. For my work i need two more atributes. I want to know how can i add two colums behind heigh so i will have the next form (number,y... 17 May 2010 21:19
Sudoku Player
Hi all , For those interested there is a Sudoku Player for the hp50 available at this address: Patrick ... 15 May 2010 23:31
Jazz 50G
Initial release for the ARM series; link at: Updated documentation to be included later. For now, refer to the old Jazz 6.7 documentation on Han ... 12 May 2010 14:43
Using hpg library in HP50g c program
I'm trying to use the WinChoose widget of the hpg library. I've found the meta that I generate for the sysRPL version of choose box takes too long. I thought I'd try to do the equivalent in HPGCC, unfortunately I'm unable to search for examples. I've tried to adapt some of Chris Smith's align.c to get me started on... 12 May 2010 11:21
Flash card program
Hi all, Is there a flash-card program for my HP49G+ calculator? You know... a simple database program that shows a question and then you can use the buttons to reveal the answer and/or move forward to the next question? Useful/practical way to practice for remembering stuff! -- ~Satchmo~ Programmers: "An... 12 May 2010 19:12
Convert ANSI to HP48
Hi all! Is there any tool (Windows) to convert an ASCII file to HP48G+ file? Many symbols and characters are incorrectly displayed on the calculator. Also, it would be cool if there was a program that does the process backwards. Is there web link that shows the translation table or code-page that the cal... 12 May 2010 13:36
Hi! : Someone knows the work frequencies, for SLOW and FAST in EDIT, in HP50G ?. Thanks. MACH ... 19 May 2010 01:45
Hello, I made a dynamical geometry soft (like geogebra) for the HP49G+/HP50. First, it was avaible only in french, now my soft is avaible in english or in french (including the documentation). Here: Tanguy Brian´┐Żon ... 10 May 2010 14:19
Joe Horn's "Egyptian Fractions" algorithm for HP49/50
Hi, in 1999 Joe Horn posted an algorithm to convert any fraction to "Egyptian Fractions", I just cite it here for reference: ----- Input any fraction (e.g. '5/7') and this HP49G program will convert it to a sum of integer reciprocals (called "Egyptian Fractions"). Be sure exact mode is on for infinite precis... 12 May 2010 05:53
ROM Bank 0 layout
It is my understanding that the later half of ROM bank 0 is devoted to: 1. indirect bank 0 calls via the #11111 2. addresses executed by indirection 3. ML jumps (through GOVLNG) 4. internal RPL objects and misc routines 5. flash pointers called via #11111 handler 6. more regular RPL objects 7. then more indir... 8 May 2010 21:05
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