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When do I should change the Backup Battery
Another year with my HP49G+ (three) and I will never know when I should change the CR2032 backup battery. Thanks to I have a graphical show of the AAA battery charge, but, what about the backup one. Is there any way / experience to know when should I change it ? Thanks for comments. Danie... 19 Oct 2006 13:54
hp50g programs
Where can I find some nice programs for my 50g? I'm looking for a spreadsheet program for it too. Anyone that can help? ... 18 Oct 2006 09:30
Decent 49G/50G Guide for new HP User?
Hello, I've been meaning to get an HP Calculator for some time, as I was impressed by the HP48 when I ran accross it in high school. Bad reviews kept me from purchasing either the 49G (slow, color is very,very, awful) and the 49G+ due to keyboard problems. I waited until a month after the 50G came out, and... 27 Oct 2006 02:46
OpenFire and Debug4x: Does it work for you?
Hi, group. Love the Debug4x development idea, but having an issue getting OpenFire to properly work in the emulator. I've tried various settings such as Authentic Calculator Speed, etc., but the emulator doesn't seem to display OpenFire graphics correctly. Has anyone been able to develop programs using GraySc... 16 Oct 2006 05:58
USB Drivers
I've been willing to update to 2.09 (from 2.08). Can anyone help me out with this issue? I've already checked Bill Graves procedure from a month ago to the detail, without success. The first thing I want to do is upgrade my new 50G before anything else, and I couldn't make it for the last couple of evenings. ... 18 Oct 2006 17:57
HP 50G USB power & running faster - auto shift from 75Mhz to 203Mhz
If the HP 50G can get its power from the USB, why not also kick up the ARM9's clock from 75Mhz to 203Mhz? When it is disconnnected, drop it back down to 75Mhz. Also, many USB devices charge via the USB port, why not do the same for the HP 50G? Also, I called the HP Help Center, and they were not aware that you c... 23 Oct 2006 22:37
SYSEVAL Question
Would somebody be kind enough to explain what HP 49g+ # 2EE67h SYSEVAL and # 2C2F9h SYSEVAL might do ? May I "convert" these 2 commands into URPL ? I am not looking for "speed" in execution and it does not matter to me if the program "grows" in size. What I am trying to do is understand the program flow, and ... 11 Oct 2006 01:40
Is HP getting serious about calculators?
I've been lurking here a while, but not posting. I read a sort of funny post dated last March begging the new CEO to revive the ailing calculator division. Six months later, can anyone here (Jean-Yves, cyrille, etc) say whether or not there has been a change in the way HP approaches the calculator division, and t... 12 Oct 2006 01:50
Another 50G (disappointment) story
Hi, I would like to share with the good people of this forum, my very own HP 50G story, which unfortunately is a story of disappointment.Just like many people on this group, I recently bought my very own HP50g calculator (my first HP, if you don't count the HP12 and HP15 emulators that I have on my PocketPC). I ... 3 Oct 2006 18:00
which SD card should i use
I never used such cards in my life , i see there are micro ( or mini ) versions, and "normal" versions. which one fits in the hp49g+ ? about the different sizes, i think 256 is good right? I also read about FAT32, FA16, will i have to configure that? any opnion on the sd reader i should buy? thanks, sor for th... 24 Sep 2006 01:18
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