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Financial function on 50g?
I'm trying to find a way to fold the functionality of my 17bII+ into my 50g. If I could do _everything_ with the 50g, that would be great. Are functions available in the 50g solver like the FLOW, SPFV, SPPV, etc. financial functions from the 17b? And if not, can I create my own callable functions on the 50g -... 29 Dec 2006 18:02
HP-48 GX / HP 50G IR communication?
Hi, I have a 48GX lying around here to which I want to transfer some files. Unfortunately, I can't get my Linux desktop (openSUSE 10.1) to communicate to the calc, neither with hptalx nor with ckermit, and my laptop (which still has Windows on it) doesn't have a serial interface. So I thought that maybe I coul... 18 Dec 2006 04:19
Installing latest 49g+/50g (emulator) ROM on a 49G
First off, this is a rehash of information available in previous threads. It's possible to use ROM revision 2.09, or perhaps I should say the emulator ROM revision 2.09, on a 49G. A question that might come up could be, why would anyone want to use a ROM intended for the 49g+/50g on a calculator that it appar... 27 Dec 2006 12:12
Chi-Square test for HP-50g?
Hi, does anyone know a very simple and quick program for doing a chi-square test in a simple two table matrix for the HP-50g? -much thanks, Saven ... 28 Nov 2006 02:38
HP-50g Grayscale
I understand that the HP-50g supports HARDWARE grayscale. If this is true, are there plans for a ROM update that would make use of this directly to the user, ie... not just PIXON, but PIXON,value_0-F or some such nomenclature ? Just curious... Thank you ... 28 Nov 2006 13:49
need HP50 version of "Last Menu" in HP48GX
There doesn't seem to be an easy way to swap menus, then return to the original one, on the 50g, while editing a program. (I have assigned <<0 MENU>> to a key, but it doesn't work from within the editor. Rather than diving into the Key Manager which has been discussed here, is there some easy way (SYSEVAL call pla... 17 Nov 2006 23:11
HP Calculator Book at Samson Cables
Samson Cables is selling a book entitled "The Definitive User's Guide to the HP48g/49g/50g Calculators". Has anyone purchased this book and / or have any opinion about it? ... 17 Nov 2006 20:35
HP50g SD Card -- 2 Questions
I installed a 1G SD card in a 50g w/2.09 ROM. Mostly OK, but a couple of questions: (1) When a directory from {HOME} is copied to both ERAM and SD, the resulting item (marked DIR) in ERAM is traversable via the arrow keys. The SD item (marked HPDIR) is not traversable. Is this normal? (2) After STO'i... 14 Nov 2006 21:12
Hi there ! Need some help on installing the program "XCELL" Before I had A hp 48GX, and now I am trying to install the "XCELL" on my new 49G+ I download the xcell.lib to the calculator, but I can not store it as a lib. Now I have got this is the stack : 1:"PK**strange caracters**************** When... 12 Nov 2006 12:12
Lars Frederiksen's RPN for TI-89
This is sort of a roundabout way to learn RPN, but you can download Lars Frederiksen's RPN program and documentation, install it on your TI-89, and work through the examples: Bob "dtf" <dtfoster(a)> wrote in message news:lvual2drdobve3dnr... 12 Nov 2006 04:43
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