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"Operator not implemented (SERIES)"
Anyone know what causes this message? I get when trying to find the limit as n approaches infinity of sigma from 1 to n of one over x plus x. ... 19 Sep 2006 03:45
Bode plot program?
is there any good Bode Plot program for HP 49g+? ... 8 Sep 2006 07:48
OK, you were such a great help to me last time that I thought I'd take advantage of you again. I have downloaded EMU48 (v1.41) from the site, and ran the set up which installed it in C:\Program Files\HP-Emulators (So I think I did that part right.) Then I went to Christopher Giesslink's site (sorry abou... 6 Sep 2006 19:36
Global variables and HP-GCC
Is there any way of accessing global variables with HP-GCC? I mean the usual variables that one can save in the Home directory or in its subdirectories, like PPAR, EPS, CASINFO. I am particularly interested in the special variable PICT... is it possible to manipulate grobs with hpgcc? TIA ... 3 Sep 2006 11:21
New HP 50G Owner
Hi all. I've been an HP owner since the 32S. My last HP was the HP 48GX that I bought in 1993 for $287. I just bought the HP50G from They had the best price I could find - $117 with free shipping. Also, if you applied for and used their credit card to buy the calculator they took another $3... 27 Sep 2006 13:35
HPUserEdit crash at launch
Windows returns an Exception Error, below is the content of the file MS offers to upload to their incident analys center. Strangly the rapport refers to an AMD feature code, when I am running an Intel processor :-) Apologies if this is a bit long, I can't see where is the relevant information in it... Re... 29 Aug 2006 02:08
HP calc. Customer Service
I posted a message down a bit titled HP50g vs. Voyage 200 and I want to thank the people that responded. I have just one more question. I noticed a posting on this site where someone wanted to know if his calculator came from a bad batch based on his serial number. Bad batch? That sounds a bit scary as I have ... 6 Sep 2006 01:24
HP50g vs. Voyage 200
I have a TI voyage 200 that I well satidfied with but I am curious about the HP50g. If I get an HP 50g, after using the TI v200 extensively, will I likely be disappointed in the quality of the HP item or it's performance? Will the HP be similiar to use compared to the TI or will it be an all new learning curve. ... 5 Sep 2006 20:08
HP 50g + ROM 2.09
I've updated my 50g to 2.09, and I can access the Equation Library. However, I've noticed that the solver will not launch properly. I get a very brief flash of the solver screen, but I am then returned to the main screen. Has anyone else seen this? I think I need some help here. Thanks. ... 25 Aug 2006 16:05
HP-50g Polynomial Coefficient Array Functions
There are a number of numeric functions in the HP-50g for single variable polynomials, that represent the polynomial as a numeric array, containing the coefficients of the polynomial stored in dsecending order of the powers of the variable. That is, the polynomial: (1): '4*x^3 + 0.36*x^2 - 7*x + 14' wou... 27 Aug 2006 15:06
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