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Choose inside an Inform data input command
Hi everyone, somebody knows how to make an inform data input with a choose inside? This is: when i'm in a particular field at the "inform" form the choose option should appear somewhere, may be like in the eq solver (I ´m using a hp48g). PD: I have noticed the presence of some surveyors in the forum, or people th... 14 Oct 2009 05:55
HP50g - programmatically set plot options not to connect the dots
Just got myself a HP50g a couple of weeks ago - been having a blast playing with it :-) (my previous HP's were a 32E and a 41CV which I still use a lot). Anyways, I've been trying to get a handle on the graphing functions but I came across the following problem: on the Plot Setup screen, you can uncheck the 'Con... 27 Sep 2009 09:05
Emulator for the HP48GX calculator for iphone
HP48 calculators arrived on the iphone and is available appstore two app: i48: m48: More info in spanish : Video in for i48: Video in for m48: 6 Oct 2009 03:13
Organizing directories on the HP calculatores
Hi How does you organizing your files and directories on the HP50/49g+? I have tried to use a flat structure of directories with only a few layers of directories as say: Home /Technical /problem_1 /problem_2 /.. /Private /problem_1 /problem_2 /.. /xx / problem_1 /problem_2 /.. And the... 28 Sep 2009 17:02
Viewing too big objects on several lines
Hi!, I just go my hp50g and I'm wondering: if I have a big integer or some big string without line breaks, which is too long to view on a single line, is there some function that will display it on several lines? ... 21 Sep 2009 06:39
Upgrading the ROM from SD card
Someone please refresh my memory. I remember there was some confusion (for me anyway) on upgrading the ROM from an SD card. In order to do so, the card must be formatted with FAT, however the calculator will only format to FAT cards smaller than 32 meg and FAT32 for 32 megs and larger, therefore you could only up... 28 Sep 2009 19:16
Do not allow a named ROMPTR (xNAME - a command that is visible in the library menu) as a programmable command
Hello group, does somebody know, how one can create a named ROMPTR (xNAME - a command that is visible in the library menu) that is not allowed in a USER-RPL ? This is what I’d like to accomplish: Create a library with a xNAME and if this xNAME is used in a USER-RPL program the command line parser should give ... 21 Sep 2009 21:26
transferring HP48 program cards to HP50G
I have several of the "Pocket Professional" cards for HP48.... from da Vinci Technologies Group Inc. & Sparcom Corp. Spice 48 Math Pro EE Pro How can I get these programs on HP50G..... is it possible ? I would particularly like to use the Spice 48..... or perhaps there is an even better version of Spice fo... 18 Sep 2009 23:34
HP50g Programming
I am trying to create a program for doing machine alignment. The program works OK, but I am trying to improve the user interface. I would like to re-display global variables for some measurements, but when I include them, they show as the variable name instead of the value. Here is a snipet of code that assumes Gl... 15 Sep 2009 13:29
Low-bat warning all the time
Hi, I bought a new HP50G and I tried everything but I can't rid of the low-bat warning. I tried new alkaline AAA and new Ni-Mh 800mAh CycleEnergy from Sony and still showing the message. I reseted it using a clip+reset button, ON+F3, ON+F1+F6. I have ROM 2.08 and I will update it to 2.15. Is it a hardware problem o... 15 Sep 2009 19:10
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