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impossible to connect windows xp to hp49g+
hi i'm searching the topics, found some related to my problem but none of them helped me. i installed the last connectivity kit in windows and the last rom upgrade in my hp49g+ but after this i can't connect to my calculator. the rom upgrade went ok, but after that i tried to transfer the new eq lib but i couldn't... 24 Feb 2007 21:17
HPGCC problems
i've installed the HPGCC 2.0 SP2 win version on my pc, in the C:\arm-hp folder. on the HP50g i've purged from port 2 the old Armtoolbox V3.10 (from the last HPGCC 2.0 installation) and installed the new ArmToolbox V3.12, which comes with the HPGCC 2.0 SP2 in the sources/ARMToolbox subfolder, using the << 2 'SET... 24 Feb 2007 18:56
Need help with HPUSEREdit
Hi, I'm trying to use HP USEREdit 4 to write RPL programs and transfer them to my HP-50g. The problem is, when they are transfered on the HP, they are never recognized as RPL, but as string, as appears in HPConnect. I tried switching to binary transfer, but to no avail. I tried exporting to HP binary with HP... 24 Feb 2007 18:56
HP 50g fails simple SOLVE. Comparing to TI-89, which succeeds
Hello everyone. I have a very simple problem in which the HP 50g fails miserably, and the TI-89 solves only by half. I cannot get the solution to a simple equation in the HP50g: SOLVE('LN(X)+SIN(X)+X^2=0', 'X') I receive the error: "SOLVE Error: Not reducible to a rational expression" I have changed the configur... 15 Feb 2007 15:47
What HP calculators you currently have?
Veli-Pekka has: HP-75C HP-71B * 2 HP 50G HP 49g+ HP 49G * 2 (one is overclocked to 5MHz) HP 48GII HP-48GX HP-48SX HP-28S * 2 HP-41CX * 3 (all somewhat broken) HP-42S HP 33S HP-32S HP-18C HP 17BII+ HP-16C Perhaps a few others, no Xpander :-( I could sell any of those to raise money because I'm bet... 13 Mar 2007 05:03
hplua 0.2
hi guys, i've just made a quick intermediate 0.2 release of hplua. my main plan is to get the graphics library to a release state, but i saw a way to change the fundamental numerical type over from binary to decimal. fundamentally this is a big change, so it made sense to get it in early, otherwise ... 6 Feb 2007 05:15
Integration-Maybe the books wrong?
Please help! I am following the book that came with the 50g but can't seem to do simple integration. The book gives several choices: INT, INTVX, RISCH, SIGMA and SIGMAVX. According to the book, INT does the integration and evaluates it for the value given. No example or syntax rules are given and I can't figu... 4 Jan 2007 23:36
Connecting 50g to openSUSE Linux box (*very* long)
"Albert Graef" <Dr.Graef(a)> wrote in message news:enh35u$2du$01$1(a) Veli-Pekka Nousiainen wrote: Go and buy Windows XP - mine works beautifully... :-D Thanks a lot for that insightful remark, I already have that Windows XP thingie but I prefer Linux anyway. ;-) ... 3 Jan 2007 22:06
48Gii/49G/49G+/50G software compatibility
Hello, This program returns for: 48Gii : 0 49G : 1 49G+ : 2 50G : 3 :: CK0NOLASTWD CODE * Developed by GaaK * 48Gii : #0 * 49G : #1 * 49G+ : #2 * 50G : #3 GOSBVL =SAVPTR * Save Pointers A=0 A * Register used Aa (5 nibbles) SR=0 BUS... 1 Jan 2007 22:50
Hi, I'm just starting off with SysRPL. I'm working with the 50g with ROM 2.09. I trying to understand the Filer_Type and Filer_Path arguments better. Specifically, where do I find a list of the different Filer_Type arguments. I see from other post that the #02A96 is directories but where are the other codes... 28 Dec 2006 20:18
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